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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the increasing trend of committing suicide - Chennai and Tamilnadu tops the list...

We read of so many deaths and bad incidents that slowly makes the mind so hard that people do not care or sympathise…  in some ways it was shocking to read of the suicide of a 23 year old software engineer… not even his age but the manner he chose to put an end to his life ….  Before you read further, people get drowned to end their lives, how will a fish put an end to its life on its own ?

The 23 year old who plunged to his death from the 3rd floor of EA Mall in Royapettah is stated to be a program analyst with a leading Software solutions Company and for sure was earning more than many of his classmates.    He reportedly had come to the city on a training and had been to the mall...... the public suicide has stunned people ~ reportedly he had messaged some of his decision and had deleted messages and contacts from his mobile before leap-frogging to death.  Sad and ghastly as so many were frightened by something happening in their middle.

Life could difficult and full of impediments but still you have a choice.  Every minute, every breath provides everyone with a choice to be or not to be.  Suicide is never a solution.  Those who end their lives add commotion and trouble to most of their beloved ~ and if some claim to be solitary, they do not obtain the proper solution.  Many do not realize that crisis is temporary, they often perceive that their troubles are inescapable and feel an utter loss of control. Suicide behaviors can accompany many emotional disturbance, including depression, bipolar, disorder. A very high % of all suicide is related to a mood disorder or other psychiatric illness. Suicide behavior often occur in response to a situation that the persons views as overwhelming, such as social isolation, death of a love one, emotional trauma, serious physical illness, unemployment or financial problems, guilty feeling or depends on other alcohol or other drug problem. The method of suicide can be relatively nonviolent (such as poisoning or overdose) or violent (such as shooting ones elf). Males are more likely to choose the violent methods. In foreign countries,  80% of suicide is performed with a gun.

Contrary to popular belief the incidence of suicide is not high in poor – poverty or debt does not drive all to death… there are many among the rich too who resort to suicide. Many people die by suicide because depression is triggered by several negative life experiences. There could be innumerable reasons that one could cite, still there would be strong reason for them to continue to live the life in its normal course.

Going by the data of National Crimes Records Bureau, farm suicides rose sharply by almost 450 in Maharashtra in 2012  ~ that is the worst annual increase.  Andhra Pradesh also saw an upward surge. It logged 2,572 farm suicides in 2012.  Interestingly, Chhattisgarh continued to declare a near zero figure. In 2012, it claimed it had just four. Chhattisgarh’s figure of ‘4’ and Bengal’s non-filing of data stand out in the all-India total of 13,754 farm suicides in 2012.

Away from farmers, Tamil Nadu has recorded the highest number of suicides by accounting for 12.5 per cent of the total cases reported in 2012. When it comes to specific issues like ‘love affairs’ and ‘failure in examination’ that led to suicides, the State has again topped in the south. Among the metropolitan cities, Chennai topped others with 2,183 suicides closely followed by Bangalore with 1,989. Tamil Nadu is among the five States that have consistently registered higher number of suicides in the last few years. While family problems, illness, poverty, unemployment and passion-related depression were among the major reasons for suicides, a new trend seemed to be emerging out of ideology causes/hero worshipping. The number of suicides due to this reason increased from 41 in 2011 to 176 the next year. Statistics published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveal disturbing details of how thousands of people, including many senior citizens, minor children and youth took the extreme step.

Of the 14,151 senior citizens and minors who committed suicide in 2012, at least 16 per cent belonged to Tamil Nadu. The State also topped the list of suicides reported due to failure in examination, love affairs, illicit relationships etc. Family problems and illness (including AIDS/Cancer) which accounted for 25.6 per cent and 20.8 per cent of suicides in the country were also on the higher side in Tamil Nadu.

Suicide is impulsive only among younger people. In a majority of other cases, it is a culmination of turmoil. A feeling of insecurity, hopelessness and finally helplessness causes negative perception and tunnelled type of thinking.  This negative trend certainly does not augur well for the Nation

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
2nd July 2013.

With inputs taken from The Hindu & TOI.

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