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Thursday, July 11, 2013

lunch at school ~ who stole your kid's delicious grub

Are you worried about how your kid has his/her lunch at school…. Do they regularly return with an empty box and are you satisfied that they are eating well. A man whom I admire much once told that ‘catering’ is more of disguising and ensuring that people do not get bored with the food…

Often people feel that the lunch is not good – is it really the Q of not qualitative or not being attractive makes lot of difference… it is difficult to satisfy people’s tastes. There could be times when people start complaining even when the food is good – but lacks variety – some would want it bland while to others that could be the reason to detest. 

Some mothers are adept in ensuring that their children love what they send….factually, making children eat is tough and make them eat the grub provided in lunch box is even tougher… many a child would return the box as it is citing reasons of the work / writing they had to do even during lunch hours or how the class got extended spilling into lunch denying them of the time to eat their food… would you buy such theories !!!

Children love to share their lunch with their friends – often when you prepare and give them the choicest of delicacies they could end up distributing everything to others and them ending up not eating… there is strong perception that in places like Creche where there are children of different background, if you are to leave some choice delicacies for your own kid ~ it could end up going to that kid who cries more… somehow children are to be kept in good humour….

This newsitem in NZ Herald takes the cake – ‘Teacher stole lunches from young pupils’ .  Here is the report reproduced.

In New Zealand, a teacher was caught taking food from children's lunchboxes. The report states that a teacher at a childcare centre has been censured after she was caught on camera stealing food from the lunchboxes of her pupils. A Teachers Council complaints assessment committee decision said the children were not believed at first when they complained that food was going missing from their lunchboxes in November 2011. It was not until the woman was caught on CCTV opening the children's lunchboxes and either putting the contents in a plastic bag, a pocket or straight into her mouth, that it became apparent the children were telling the truth.

The woman did not deny the allegations and in a letter to the Teachers Council made no excuses for her behaviour, accepting that it amounted to serious misconduct. "She emphasised that she was trying to put this incident behind her, that there would be no repetition, and that she was hoping to move on with her career," the committee's decision said. On a charge of serious misconduct, the woman was censured and conditions were placed on her practising certificate for five years that she must disclose the decision to all future employers who require a practising certificate and tell the council that she had done so.

In another decision, a high school teacher had his registration cancelled after threatening to kill his Year 11 science students, saying he hoped to meet them down a dark alley. The board of trustees of the school, which was not named in the decision, determined the man's behaviour amounted to serious misconduct and he resigned in June last year. The Teachers Council has cancelled his registration.

There are good teachers who impart value education and there are some lumpen elements too…

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

5th July 2013.

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