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Thursday, May 17, 2012

SRK to be banned from entering Wankhede - attitude of rich and famous

The social media was immediately ready to express their indignation when cine actor Shahrukh Khan,  was reported to have been  detained for over two hours at a New York airport.  Khan was upset and so were his fans – how can such a thing happen to a great star, they were querying !  Shahrukh Khan is no stranger to controversies….  – in general many rich and famous think themselves to be above law – at least inside India and  belittle  law enforcing officials.   ‘all are equal before the eyes of law’ is an oft repeated saying – but all know that it is never true in practice. 

Denying the home advantage, when MI’s bowling was pace-oriented, Gambhir went in with 3 spinners and Sunil Naraine flummoxed the MI line up including Sachin to end up with 4/15, setting up a famous 32 run win.  The field is now wide open with Delhi through; Pune and Deccan thrown out and all others theoretically having a chance.  That should have brought great cheers to the owner of KKR but drunk on alcohol and power, he landed himself in trouble due to his arrogant behaviour.

There are reports that Shah Rukh Khan is to be banned by Mumbai Cricket Association from entering the Wankhede Stadium for life following an altercation he had  at the stadium with security and officials of the association.  "He (Khan) misbehaved and abused the MCA security personnel as well as MCA officials, including our president Vilasrao Deshmukh, after the IPL match (between KKR and Mumbai Indians). We have decided to ban him for life from entering the stadium in future," MCA treasurer Ravi Savant said.

It is stated that after the win, Shah Rukh and his posse of bodyguards had gone up to the teams' dressing room and then came down and started to go on to the ground.  When MCA security personnel stopped them, Shah Rukh abused them as well as the MCA officials. There was manhandling too by his people.   Besides imposing a ban of entry from all future matches at the stadium, MCA had also decided to  lodge a police complaint against him.  Further,  the altercation had taken place in the presence of IPL CEO Sundar Raman and BCCI's media manager Devendra Prabhudesai and a complaint would be lodged with the BCCI also. 

A Police Official interviewed by a TV channel stated that they might go to SRK’s place but the matter would have to be handled delicately due to the involvement of ‘high people’.  Does that sound any sense – ‘people being equal before law’ – the only Q should be whether he had committed anything wrong – will the person’s status determine  or alter whether it is a offence or not  ? – Strange !!

People dropping names and behaving that they are above law is nothing uncommon and there have been many incidents – remember only few of these incidents get reported as very many times, the rich and famous belittle Police and other Officials and get away with their murderous rage… 

A few days earlier, the scene was Chinnaswamy Stadium – match between Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers.  A lady standing near the player’s zone was asked to leave and she started hurling abuses at the ASI; a Dy Commissioner of Police had to intervene, still the lady refused to listen and continued the heated argument.  Can you dare any words against your local Police Inspector, just think of such a situation !  - it reportedly was Ms Jayanti, wife of Ex-cricketer Venkatesh Prasad.  The Asst Sub Inspector was on duty and was only doing his duty in telling her not to be there as it was a protected area; she abused, Prasad reportedly came out and argued – it was a clear breach of security and you know who felt humiliated !  - sure nothing would have happened thereafter. 

In yet another incident,  BCCI president  & CSK owner’s son picked up a fight in a Mumbai pub  when the management refused to serve him drinks beyond the deadline; he punched a police constable who was called to intervene in the matter.  It was reported that during the  altercation, the wealthy boasted that he could buy out the pub as well as the policeman.  According to the rules laid down by the Mumbai Police, the closing time for bars and pubs is 1.30 am.   So when he  called for more drinks, the staff politely refused to serve him. Already inebriated, he threw a fit and refused to pay the bill - at the time the fight broke out, the  bill had already run up to over Rs. 30,000. Not knowing what to do, the management called the local police to ensure  that the bill was paid – upon which more commotion followed and he had the audacity to hit the police cop. The police then proceeded to arrest him. Even then, he continued to threaten them by dropping names and boasting of his connections. Fairly, they ended up spending the night at the Bandra police station.  A magistrate Court later gave bail with condition that he sign up at local Police station on specified dates. 

More than the acts, the attitude that ‘being high placed’ they are above law is what hurts…….  –then there is always the common man made to walk miles whenever the traffic gets disrupted by the visit of politicians and ill-treated by all………. – yet these are the people who queue up days in advance to buy tickets for IPL, even when the minimum ticket costs Rs.700/-

There are still handful of thorough Gentlemen who despite being rich, behave with great humility and gain greater respect by respecting others.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

PS  :  this was posted this morning  ............ and now in the evening while browsing, read on yahoo SRK stating - 'he was angry and not drunk'

here is a photo from  he is under the impression that if a hero folds his fists, 10 men will fly in the air............ in cinema .. not in reality.. is forgotten


  1. Always things to be biasing and unnecessary issues by media & supporters.
    1) If SRK & Mehta : Decided not to continue with Sourav in IPL what is wrong but again a BIGGGGG issue made by media
    2) After match in any stadium of india lot of people can be seen walking, roaming and enjoying, crying for their but again why some person who ever is will be stopped ? - yes because host team lost the match ? or because co-owners wants to enjoy the win ? or blaaa blaaa - it seems unfair -:)
    3. Finally all peoples are indian and IPL is for entertainment but i can see players abusing his indian mates ( most famous Rayddu, harbhajan, munaf, zaheer, kohli..etc) why people can not learn from seniors like Sachin best example.
    4. I love India and i am a Indain - help people to Smile -:)

    1. Sirjee

      Apt. People should be smiling - IPL or any other form of Sport is entertainment and should promote harmony.

      Bad that players throw tantrums and badmouth their own colleagues.

      A couple of photos in yahoo (saw them just now) - show SRK with folded fists and menacing posture.. certainly does not look good.