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Friday, January 6, 2012

Suing for withdrawn lifetime benefit – Life after retirement !!

What do people do after retirement ?  After active and engaging work style, one might find it too difficult to rest at home.  There have been instances of people coming to Office almost on regular basis and indulge in office matters after they have retired.  They simply cannot resist asking their ex-colleagues as to what is happening expecting a comment that ‘life is difficult and things are not the same as they when this person worked '….

To remain fit and engaged, people should engage themselves in religious, social and other activities rather than meddling with their earlier place of work.  It is stated that more retirees had the habit of writing letters to ‘the Editors of renowned papers’ on the public grievances and things which they perceive as not in order. 

While that could explain the plight of those who retired after a long innings of more than 3 decades – what would be the plight of ‘burn-out’ – early retirees – those who do much more than what they ought to do at young age and as they grey find the going extremely tough and bow out – some due to physical disturbances and sudden failing health ..

Only very few take the bow while at the top, with the satisfaction of having reached the peak and having done whatever they wanted and now the challenge is just not enough !!

Most Indians after retirement pursue a calm retired life, going to temple, partaking in religious activities, doing some social service and tending to their grand children – life in advanced countries is perceived to be different !!

Read a news item that two  retired Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officers who became lawyers have filed lawsuits because the agency revoked lifetime toll and parking passes.  Thomas Westfield filed suit on behalf of himself and is seeking class-action status on behalf of more than 400 fellow Port Authority retirees. Westfield tells The Star-Ledger of Newark he was told when he started working in 1971 that the passes were a lifetime benefit.  Michael Shuhala is suing on behalf of himself, claiming the privileges were revoked without due process. He’s now a municipal court judge in Cliffside Park.

The Port Authority eliminated free toll privileges in 2010 after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized toll-payer funded perks.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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