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Monday, January 2, 2012

Now the 'kolaveri' is about 'pappa pappa pappapa ' of Yuvan

I had earlier posted wondering about the all the rage on ‘kolaveri di’ sung by Dhanush.   The bug has smitten every sphere as there are more spoof of this and the younger generation is hearing more and more of ‘why this kolaveri di’…

In the cine industry what determines a hit is hardly understood and quite often hits pop up from nowhere with no established formula or denying all accepted norms.  It need not be the best or good; not necessarily the best of people involved; not necessarily enough of fore-thought or planning; may not be the most professionally rendered piece – still suddenly you can see a hit emerging from nowhere and pushing all those involved to the heights of  ‘ famousdom ’

Recently heard :  “pappa pappa pappapa / Pathikichu pambaram doi / Pappa pappapa, pappa pappa pappapa / Enna senja manthiram doi”

Read it again – perhaps not necessary at all – no meaningful words – nothing new – you could have heard a similar sounding thing earlier ! – now it is creating a huge wave in You Tube and elsewhere – not even the song – the ‘making of’ the song posted. 

Vettai is the Movie [I am no cine buff and know very little about cinema] – directed by Linguswamy.  Yuvan Shankar Raja is the Musican director.  The youngest son of the famous Illayaraja started his musical career when he was hardly 16 and has given some melodious numbers.   He won the Best Music Director Award in 2004 for his score in the drama 7G Rainbow Colony at age 25.

The one making news now is a song written by Na Muthukumar sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja himself with Renu who rose from Airtel super singer.

The soundtrack album was launched on 16 December 2011 at the Anna Centenary Auditorium in Kotturpuram, Chennai, with several lead actors and directors from the Tamil film industry attending the event. Four days prior to the soundtrack release, the song "Pappappa" was launched as a single track at the studios of Radio Mirchi, with a making-of video of the recording being simultanously uploaded on YouTube.  This has hit the roof or blown the roof over,  becoming popular overnight. The film is being now shot in outdoor locations and would take months to be released !!

Tailpiece :  ‘Kolaveri’ was a Tanglish Song with most English words being sung in tamilish pattern.  "Pappappa" is Tamil folk song with no English words.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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