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Friday, October 28, 2011

the calls that alarmed Emergency Services 108 in Chennai

Do you know which type of calls  alarmed 108 on Deepavali day ?

Whenever you see an accident or somebody in dire need of medical attention, do not panic.. try and assist the victim in some possible manner.. the simplest is to call the Emergency Service (108) and inform them clearly of the need, probable requirement and  the place where their attendance is required.

Often we see vehicles flashing with warning lights and sirens – unfortunately such vehicles (ambulances) are also caught up in the melee of traffic and find it difficult to manouvre out of the muddle.   A timely response and care is  most essential in saving lives and we on our part should at least ensure that their passage is easy and fast.  Remember that ‘whatever be your urgency’ – the movement of an ambulance is more essential as it is either transporting sick / injured people or would be moving to assist one in dire need.  Next time you hear or see an ambulance, please do stop / move to a side, giving free way to the ‘emergency assistor’ irrespective of whether those in front and behind do the same.. you need not be guided by what others do, but can set your own rules !   

Some also have the nasty habit of driving fast behind in the leeway created by the movement of ambulance.. silly .. the movement of ambulance is the top priority – rest all can wait !

There was a time, when Emergency services were not readily available.  Now you have a host of Private hospitals providing immediate urgent service besides the good services of “108” – the one managed by GVK EMRI in Public Private Partnership with the Govt in the State of Tamilnadu and in many other States as well.  GVK EMRI handles medical, police and fire emergencies through the " 1-0-8 Emergency service". This is a free service delivered through state- of -art emergency call response centres.

A few months back, Delhi Police launched a special drive to book and penalize those callous motorists who deny and block passage of emergency vehicles, ambulances, fire tenders and Police control room vans.   Should there be prosecution and should not people desist from this on their own does not need any lengthy explanation !

Deepavali – the festival of Lights was celebrated grandly in the State. The incessant rains did dampen the spirits yet people were out celebrating the festival in style, wearing new clothes, bursting loads of crackers and visiting their friends and relatives

--- and all lived happily thereafter  (is an ending only in fairy tales)

The Emergency Services remain on tenterhooks throughout such festive occasions.  If you think, that it is the crackers and the possible fire or injuries out of bursting of cracker that causes most damage, you are far away from the mark…………….  It is the drunken driving that keeps posing a big worry to all Emergency Services..

Quite unfortunately, revelling in drinking is the form of enjoyment to some.. such people cause more harm to themselves and to Society at large..  One is at liberty to enjoy – but those inebriated often cause trouble and injuries to others by their negligent acts and callous driving in drunk condition.  There are reports that  Ambulances had a tough time on Wednesday (26th Oct 2011) in the City of Chennai ,not so much because of fire accidents as accidents but more  caused by drunk drivers.  Quoting  108 Service, TOI reports that  the Service received 1,500 more calls than they usually  get on a normal day. The number of cases involving vehicle accidents more than doubled in the days of festivity.  From an average of 350, it rose to alarming 700 approx.   The ambulance service got only 21 calls for burn injuries on Tuesday and 44 on Wednesday.

The police attributed this sudden jump in vehicular accidents to drunk driving.  Expecting this,  Police had conducted a special drive to crack down on drunk drivers and caught more people than usual. The Chennai City Traffic Police has 87 breath analysers that they use during weekends and such occasions. 

Chennai is a city bursting with population reportedly of 4.68 million and more millions of floating population who visit the city daily.  It is becoming virtually impossible for the Law Enforcement Agencies to keep things in check.  No body has the liberty to cause harm unto others even when they are unlikely to get caught.  

Next time,  Nay  – Every time – Drive Carefully – Have concern for other road users and give way to Emergency Vehicles.  In a civilized Society, care and concern for the Society is of utmost importance much above self.

With regards
S. Sampathkumar.

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