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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Presenting our July 2011 issue of BLISS - the voice of SYMA

Dear (s)

Our June 2011 issue of BLISS is in your hands  :  click here to view and download the issue 
SYMA with more 3 decades of service to the Society has two ongoing annual projects – the running of our Medical centre providing consultation and medicines free of cost (which includes running of Laboratory wherein blood tests are conducted at nominal cost) and running of our tuition centre SYMA Growth for those appearing for Public Examinations.
Every year, we conduct Educational Aid Programme through which we distribute more than 1200 sets of uniforms to deserving school children.  This year, we schedule to have the function on Sunday, 17th July 2011 at Bharathiyar Illam.  The invitation is on page 4.  Request you all to attend the programme treating this as a personal invitation.  In the same programme, we will honour the school toppers of various schools in Triplicane,  give SYMA Sewa Award to Mr J Babu,  of Sankara Eye Hospital, Pammal, who epitomizes the spirit of Social service.  We will also provide financial aid to some students.
For those of you, who have been contributing to the various activities of SYMA, a big thank you from us.  Request all SYMA members to contact more people and collect some more donations.  As you will appreciate, Educational Aid is the time when we solicit donations from Public which fund all our annual activities. 
Our present issue besides the invitation for the Educational Aid Function contains
·         -           Our concerns on the newly found  riches of Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swami is raging over. The riches belong to the Lord and only to HIM and should not be used in any other manner than what is ordained for the temple.
·         -          Our concerns on Lokpal and the way the Govt violently handled the peaceful protest
·         -          Our thankful appreciations to Dr K Sridhar on him being appointed as Member of State Planning
·         -          It is exactly a century from the time Veera Vanchinathan made the supreme sacrifice for the Nation.  SYMA remembers his patriotic deeds
·         -          Something on our tuition Centre and on our Educational Aid programme
·         -          Our Q :  Do you know the first published story in Tamil ?
All this and more; read and do provide your feedback

Regards – S. Sampathkumar [Editor]

The good gesture that made us happy

SYMA is founded on the basic tenets of service to the Society  and making meaningful contribution to the welfare of the Society. We have been successfully serving the Society for over 33 years now.  There are many projects and many people have benefitted out of our projects.  For continuing the way that we have been performing, we require financial support, which has thus far been provided by some philanthropists.  All our members besides making personal contributions,  have been actively engaged in spreading our cause and collecting financial assistance from those near and dear to them.

Our Educational Projects are aimed at inculcating values in today’s children and making them responsible citizens in the future by providing quality education and by creating the correct environment needed towards this.

There have been good feedback and appreciations which  have enthused us to do better.  Recently, a person who had in the past received uniforms knocked at the door of our Secretary.  Not for any assistance this time.  His son, who was one among the many recipients has now completed his studies successfully and has been employed.  From his salary he has contributed Rs.1000/- for the Education Scheme of SYMA stating that he would continue this year after year.

SYMA appreciates the gesture.  More than the amount, it is the attitude of the boy who once was a recipient wanting to do something back to the Society that nurtured him.  An appreciable gesture and SYMA has reasons to feel happy that the thoughts that we inculcate have indeed started yielding fruits.  

In the long run, there would numerous such persons, who would take care of SYMA and the needs of the Society.

Another day, another occasion – reasons for us to feel proud and be happy.

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