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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chennai : Not a scratch after train passes over her

Read this interesting report in the first page of ‘Indian Express’ –Chennai Edition of date [5th July 2011]

Sheer miracle coupled with presence of mind saved the life of a young woman software professional who came under a suburban train in Chennai on Monday. Despite six compartment rakes passing over the woman who lay flat on the track, she escaped unhurt, much to the surprise of onlookers, watching the ‘great escape’ at the Saidapet railway station.

According to sources, the woman, identified as Manisha Pandey, is a software engineer from Choolaimedu employed in an IT firm at Paranur near Chengalpattu. A regular commuter, the 31-year-old woman travels to office by train.  On Monday, when Manisha entered the railway platform at Saidapet around 12.30 pm, her hand bag fell on the floor. When she bent to pick up the bag using one hand while talking on her mobile phone, she accidentally slipped and fell on the track. Eyewitnesses said she barely had time to react as a Tambaram-bound local train was fast approaching.

However, Manisha fell flat on the centre of the track allowing the train to pass over her instead of attempting to run away from the track. Noticing that a person has come under the wheels, the loco pilot brought the train to a halt immediately, though he could not prevent six compartment rakes of the train from running over the spot where Manisha lay. When contacted by Express, Manisha refused to comment on the incident.

A  good story  in so far as the woman was saved  BUT when will She and others learn ?

Read the story again – apparently she was on the Railway platform closer to the oncoming train – yet talking on her mobile.  Careful, negligent, unmindful, unaware, not caring for the public place – you can add lot of other traits – the behaviour or this woman almost portrays that of most others.  People abound in public place not caring for others, themselves and not caring to follow any safety rules. 

The bag falling might have been accidental – but is she not expected to be careful in a crowded place – especially when trains come at good speeds ? – she was unmindful… when the bag falls, should not one care to look around before bending to pick up – is the call on mobile so important – was it worth a crore deal and even if it was, was that more than her life !!!

She is not a loner – just see any city road or any other public place – you can see people talking on mobile walking on the road, talking while driving a two wheeler with head curiously bent- holding the mobile between the head and neck, talking even while crossing busy roads………….  It is not irritating, one fails to understand how and why people talk so much on mobile…… they are calling for harm to themselves as also to all other road users.

When will this Society learn – will we stop only when there is a law and punitive action – say a fine of Rs.500/- everytime one lifts a phone on road, more if one is driving…….

The women was saved miraculously – but if she realizes the value of that miracle i.e., her life – she should vow not to speak on mobile on a public place again…  

And for others – it is wisdom to learn from others…. Please do not use your mobile, when walking on road, while driving – be it a 2 or 4 wheeler, when in Temple / Cinema hall / public places – you are not only inconveniencing others – You are exposing yourself to bigger dangers.  Please realize !!!!!!

A fervent appeal to you reading this article.  Please make it a habit not to speak – no – not even wish to look at your mobile whislt on the road.  I have seen quite a no. of my friends and colleagues, especially ladies talking on mobile [no reference to generally talking !] – please do understand the hazards behind this bad habit – remember that we had no access to mobiles a good 15 years ago and the World was a better place to live ‘when apple and blackberry were just fruits’
Regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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