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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The success story of SYMA Growth – the results of + 2 Examination.

Most of us are interested in the welfare of the society and the first tendency of those with kinder hearts is to help the underprivileged children get better education.  Many such good natured persons have the habit of imparting learning by teaching the school syllabus to children in the neighbourhood.  It is hard though, it might look very simple but very demanding.  Initially one would be carried by emotions but understanding the lessons and teaching them in the manner that the student would understand requires more than mere intelligence and willingness to teach.  A teacher is professionally trained to impart education and there cannot be easy substitution.

But what happens in a school room atmosphere can be very different.  Over a period of time, the teacher might lose interest or where they exhibit extraordinary interest, the students may not exhibit even the minimum willingness expected of them.  There are so many distractions these days for the school children which make them sway away from studies.

In a classroom atmosphere there could be inequalities arising out of various factors.  When a student loses focus at the initial stages, suddenly he / she would find themselves being far away, not able to understand what is being is taught and would stay away from the main stream.  It is also the innate inhibition, the lack of courage to ask questions or tell the Class teacher about their inability to comprehend that makes them feel aloof.  Such students are most likely to lose track and fail in the examination.  Failure is a monster and could potentially destroy the student.  A failed student not only loses studies but becomes an object of ridicule, loses self confidence and in the mental pressure to establish, some turn violent and some would even turn anti – social.

A Social Service Organisation’s objective is to help the society.  We want better citizens.  We want to inculcate in them great qualities and we felt the need for taking care of those students who are on the margin and would not succeed if no personal attention is provided.    It is also a matter of fact, that many of these children hail from economically underprivileged sections and cannot afford to have private tuitions.  Poverty, hunger, suffering are all the same – irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion. 

We have in our earlier years arranged for tuition closer to examinations to take care of those children who dreaded the examinations but any last minute work is only half good.   We have been debating on this and contemplating on providing a secure solution. 

Thus our idea of a professionally run tuition centre was born.  Here we wanted to have Instructors who are in tune with the modern ways of teaching and are already in touch with the present day syllabus.  We also wanted to select students who we felt were average or on the margin – just wanting to be nurtured and cared for. 

A couple of years back on 6th July 2008, on a very auspicious day – SYMA Growth was born.  It was inaugurated at NKT National Girls Higher Secondary School, Triplicane by Shri R Sekar, IPS, (the then) Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai.  From that day onwards, lots of SYMA volunteers have strained themselves to ensure success of the project.  This year in the +2 Public Examination, we have enjoyed a moderate success of 88% pass.  40 of our candidates passed in the Examination. 
Science Group
Accountancy Group


Selvi Umayal stood first securing 1143 / 1200 and Rajeswaran  scored 1089/1200.  They like the many others hail from the poor echelons of the Society.  Rajeswaran’s father sells plasticware daily and earns around Rs.100 per day.  By the grace of God, SYMA has been able to bring a smile in their lips and have guided them to a brighter future.   Mission accomplished, we continue to strive for the betterment of the society.  

We pray to Almighty for success of this project and look forward to continued support of you all.  The success is due to the blessings of Lord Parthasarathi who guides us in all our steps.  The great efforts of our teaching staff : - a great team of   noble teachers  consisting of : Mr S. Venkatadri, Mrs. KN Vijaylakshmi; Mrs. Subashini; Mrs Vijaya Krishnan; Mrs Gandhimathi, Ms Devasena, Mr Shahul Hameed; Mr KS Venkatakrishnan, Mr Kannan; Mrs Lakshmi Arulalan, Mrs Padmavathi; Mr T.S. Sriraman, Mr T Venkatesan, Mr Srinivasan and Mr Senthil Murugan deserve great appreciation and our heart felt thanks to them. 

Downtown magazine of “The Hindu” dt 15th May 2011  (areas : Alwarpet, RApuram, Luz, Santhome, royapettah, Teynampet, Mountroad, Triplicane, Mylapore) carried an article on SYMA Growth titled “Quality education for the poor”

We are thankful to Ms Lalitha Sai, the Hindu and all others who have patronized us in this project.

Regards – Sampathkumar S

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