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Friday, May 6, 2011

AGM of SYMA and new Office bearers for 2011 - 12

1st of May is of importance to many in different ways.  For most it is the May Day synonymous with International Workers' Day, or Labour Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by communists, anarchists, socialists, unionists, and other activist groups.

SYMA utilized it to be a holiday and organized its Annual General Body after giving due notice to all its members.  From a humble beginning to what we are now, we have grown in size and stature without diluting our ideals of a responsible Social Service Organisation.

We were too keen to have all our members present for the annual meeting and has limited success in this endeavour.  It was pleasing to have 5 of our past Presidents attending the meeting.  They were Mr N Pattabhiraman, Mr N
Ganapathi, Mr Vivekanandan, Mr TJ Ramani and Mr R Vijayaraghavan. 

The AGM started with a prayer followed by condolence for all those who were affected by the natural disaster in Japan.  The AGM was chaired by Mr TA Sampathkumar,  our President who dwelt at length on the activities of SYMA. Me, the Secretary presented the Annual report,  It was pleasant to hear many of our members voice their opinion and come with good suggestions.

The following Office bearers were elected for the ensuing year 2011-12

SYMA Office Bearers 2011 - 12
T A Sampathkumar
Vice Presidents
R Seshadri @ Durai
SR Parthasarathi
S Sampathkumar
R Sanjeevi
TJ Ramani
D Sudarshan
Committee Members
R Vijayaraghavan
Mrs Uthra Sarang
Ms Revathi
Ms Pavithra
D Veeraraghavan
MA Sadagopan
RS Kannan
Shabbir Ahamad

In the year that passed by, SYMA takes pride in providing 1200 sets of uniform to poor students; financial assistance to 25 students; serving 9459 patients in our medical centre and 2595 in our lab.  More than 150 students benefitted in our professional tuition Centre : Growth. 

We conducted Medical camps on : Kidney disease awareness,  Blood donation, Eye check up including free cataract surgery, Health check up for elders including dementia, Cancer awareness camp and General medical camp.  We are extremely thankful to the team of Doctors who provide consultation in our Medical centre.  We are thankful to those Teachers who have been taking classes and guiding students in our Tuition centre – Growth.

We organized Goldwinner SYMA Child Fest spread over two days at two different venues – competitions of Drawing, Singing, Quiz, Instrument Fusion, Group Dance and Fancy Dress.

We celebrated National days by organizing camps and capitalizing on the cricket fever launched a cricket contest by which we have enhanced our list of blood donors.

Overall, it was a satisfying year and SYMA rededicates itself to do more for the betterment of the Society

Regards – S. Sampathkumar, Secretary.

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