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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sydney Police raids illicit drugs - catches crocodile

You can decide on whether to shed tears or not after reading this fully. To shed crocodile tears is a phrase, which means an insincere show of sorrow.

The allusion arose from the ancient notion that crocodiles would weep while devouring their prey. This specie belonging to the family Crocodylidae which includes alligators and gharials are large qquatic reptiles living in the tropics of Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Now, a University of Florida researcher has concluded that crocodiles really do bawl while banqueting – but for physiological reasons rather than rascally reptilian remorse.   These beasts are often ugly looking ...........

Recent news from Australia has it that Police raids in Sydney have turned up illicit drugs worth around $3 million, a cash haul of $300,000 - and a crocodile. In coordinated operations in three different suburbs in Sydney's northwest on Wednesday, drug squad detectives seized 5.7kg of methylamphetamine, valued at $2.85 million, at a house in Horsley Park. The $300,000 was found at a home in Pemulwuy and a raid on a house in Londonderry resulted in the seizure of a Taser and a firearm. Police said they also discovered an infant crocodile in the raid on the Londonderry property.

The small reptile was taken to Featherdale Wildlife park in Doonside and a 26-year-old man has been charged with possession of protected fauna, as well as counts of supplying drugs. Two other men, aged 27 and 30, were arrested during the raids and charged with drug supply. All have been refused bail and are due to appear at Fairfield Local Court on Wednesday. Why and for what reason was that crocodile kept has kept everyone guessing !

A few months ago, in suburban Tambaram (off Chennai, Tamilnadu) late night, a 70 year old carpenter and his wife happily watching a soap opera on television had a surprise visitor. It did not walk in but crawled. The nocturnal guest was a four foot long marsh crocodile. Surely they were shocked to have such a visitor who had crawled to the bedroom before they could even realise what was happening. Their screams soon brought a huge crowed and there was chaos as none knew what to do. A young brave person tried to shove a huge block of wood into the reptile’s fearsome open mouth.

Crocodiles are lazy slow moving creatures, as one think them to be. This one crushed the log and attacked the man injuring his badly. The bleeding person was rushed to a private hospital whilst others succeeded in tying to a tree. The Forest Dept then rushed to the spot and took the reptile to the Vandalur Zoological Park where a no. of its ilk already live.

Few years back few marsh crocodiles were spotted and more were feared in the lakes and other water bodies in the suburb. As Vandalur zoo is surrounded by vast forest areas with water bodies, some say that there is chance of these reptiles entering into residential areas especially those near water bodies. Another four footer had entered a house at Peerkankaranai few years back. Few decades ago, a crocodile was sighted in Otteri nullah near Stanley medical college but was run over by a train.

There are confounding theories as to how such reptiles stray into human inhabitation – there is a version that a kite or a crow could have picked up a young infant from captivity, which could have slipped and fallen into a water body. The baby would have grown undetected and a mature adult may have been seen when it ventured out !! – a story close to figment of imagination…….

Some more reference to Crocodile : Crocodile Gold is a Canadian company with operating gold mines in the Northern Territory of Australia and a land package of over 2,500 square kilometres. Currently they are producing from open pit mines as also underground. Crocodile Gold has 3.09 million ounces of NI 43-101 compliant measured and indicated resources and 1.94 million ounces of inferred resources on its expansive land package. Crocodile Gold's main focus is on the Cosmo/Howley corridor which contains a substantial amount of the Company's resources within a five kilometre strike length of a 25 kilometre trend.
Many of us wear T shirts and crocodile appears in two brands : Lacoste & Crocodile garments. Have you noticed the difference !

Lacoste is a high end apparel company founded in 1933 and sells high end closthing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear and tennis shirts. It has green crocodile as its logo.  The other textile and garments company of Hong kong is Crocodile Garments, founded in 1952. It also uses a crocodile logo.
The logo of crocodile garment faces left while the one in Lacoste faces right. The two fought for the logo rights in China, but eventually reached a compromise with Crocodile agreeing to change its logo to have a more vertical tail and more scales for its logo.

Hope you found this interesting !!

Regards – Sampathkumar S


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