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Monday, June 21, 2010

Presenting our June 2010 issue of BLISS

Dear (s)

Presenting our June issue.  Bliss 0610

BLISS was started primarily to serve the interests of the members of SYMA. This being a newsletter, we were to provide details of our forthcoming programmes and communicate to them in detail of our various actitivies.

I have been publishing my articles on Sports and other common interest also. This month our issue is replete with our activities only. This issue contains :

 Kidney disease detection camp organized by us on 23/5/10
 Success story of SYMA Growth – our own tuition centre which produced 100% result in + 2 examination and 95% success in 10th standard public examination
 Details of the Blood donation Camp to be held on 27th June 2010
 Invitation for the Educational Aid Function to be held on 4th July 2010

This year NK Thirumalachariar Boys’ High School tasted success in 10th standard examination as 63 of its 77 candidates passed. The school authorities organized a function to distribute the mark sheets in the hands of the correspondents. Rich accolades were paid to SYMA for having contributed to this success by way of encouragement provided to the school students and for the Growth run there. Yours Truly attended the function and spoke to the students on the need for discipline and proper guidance which will shape their career.

This month the Q is about the famous talk show which went on air in Sept 2004, in which all 276 audience members were pleasantly surprised. Do you know what was this about. Read our issue

Thanks for your patronage and the donation to SYMA for the Education Aid. As usual look forward to your feedback.

Yours truly,
Sampathkumar – Editor

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