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Monday, June 28, 2010


The most watched event of the Universe – 2010 FIFA World Cup is hotting up. Who will be crowned on 12th July (IST) is the Q in everybody’s mind.

In a total of 64 matches, 52 have been completed and the remaining 12 are perhaps the most important ones. The Round 16 is presently halfway through (2 over and 2 remaining). The defending Champion Italy did not qualify for R 16; Mexico and England are out after R16 matches. Here is the R 16 line up with results thus far:

Argentina and Germany have qualified for QF and will meet at Cape Town on 3/7; at Johannesburg Uruguay will take on Ghana. The other two QF matches will be decided between : Nederland V Slovakia; Brazil V Chile; Paraguay V Japan; Spain V Portugal. This table illustrates the line up and oncoming schedule.

England’s tale of woes were complete when they were eliminated 4 : 1 by Germany. One statistics has it that Miroslav Klose has scored 50 goals now following Gerd Muller who had 68 in 62 appearances. Klose has 12 in WC equaling Pele and 3 behind Ronaldo’s 15. Another intriguing one is that Jermain Defoe has represented England 43 times but not once he has completed the full 90 minutes.

Happy viewing and any predictions of the winner from among : Aregentina, Germany, Uruguay, Ghana, Nederland, Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, Portugal, Slovekia and Chile ????

Regards – Sampathkumar.

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