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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tuesday : 15th of June 2010 : It was indeed a proud moment for the 63 boys who had passed their 10th standard examination. NK Thirumalachariar National Boys Higher Secondary School arranged for a meeting to felicitate the successful candidates and for distributing their mark sheets.

The boys had assembled gleefully and whiff of expectation filled the air. The boys were anxiously to celebrate their hour of glory. Indeed a big moment for them to receive mark sheets from their Correspondents.

The podium had august gathering. Mr Venkatadri, the school Head Master, Dr Sarojini Varadappan (Padma Vibushan) President of the NK Thirumalachariyar Educational  Trust, Smt. Leela Sekhar, Vice President  of NKT Trust, Dr M. Arumugam, Secretary of NKT Boys High School, Mrs KN Vijayalakshmi, Retd. HM. Along side were SYMA officials – Secretary (Yours Truly) and Mr BRP Sarathy, Committee Member.    Madam Sarojini Varadappan is a renowned social worker who participated in Indian freedom struggle ; was arrested during the Quit India Movement and sentenced to two years of imprisonment. She is the daughter of former CM, Mr M Bhaktavatsalam. Madam was awarded Padma Shri in 1973 and Padma Bhushan for social service in 2009.

The school Headmaster Mr Venkatadri, welcomed all. He felt ecstatic as the school had produced more than 80% result (82%) as 63 of the 77 candidates who appeared for the Board examination in 10th standard had passed out. By all means a grand achievement, coming as it did after almost 15 years. This gentleman can take all the honours for the hard work, coordination and nurturing the wards towards success. He thanked everybody and had loads of appreciation for SYMA stating that SYMA had helped the school in very many ways and SYMA Growth was responsible for the success. Nice words from a humble person, SYMA felt honoured.

Next it was SYMA’s turn. Me (Sampathkumar) spoke. I started off singing paeans to the visionary who started this group of Educational Institutions and those who are responsible for running the school. Also full praise due to the HM Mr Venkatadri, who is role model for students.

I emphasized the need for discipline in life and at school and the need for respecting teachers and all elders. If only one streamlines one thoughts and actions, there is nothing known as hard to achieve. Quoting Thiruvalluvar I said that it is good discipline which shapes people and lack of it would rue their career. It is also imperative that one associates oneself with those in the higher echelons of discipline, which help them grow. Advised them the need to concentrate on studies, whilst cinema and sports are good pastimes and should not eat into reading time. It is also essential that students plan properly and allocate good time for their studies and ensure that it is adhered to scrupulously. 

Very happy that the students listened with rapt attention. Spoke in brief about the activities of SYMA and how we have initiated SYMA Growth which is willing to take them and train them. The aim is to dispel the inhibition in the students; when an average student is not able to catch up with what is being taught either due to not knowing or not having the courage to display his doubts, slowly a gap develops. As it widens, the student gets away from studies and this gap would drive them to despair and would eventually ruin their career. Growth is aimed in assisting them in a friendly atmosphere where they can freely communicate to their teachers. SYMA fully acknowledges the role of formal training by trained experts and hence we have only School masters (2 HMs infact) and College professors for teaching students.

Quoted Avvaiyar who says that an educated person is much more important and honoured everywhere even more than a King. Told them about our aim in putting up posters of students who scored very good marks – not only honouring them but more of luring the next generation to get benefitted by our venture.

Dr Arumugam offered good advice. He said that for a good future, sincereity is a pyramid and one needs to do more and be sincere. He advised them to respect each other, shun violence and be courteous to everybody. He shared his experience of his IIT days – of a fellow student who had come to Chennai for the first time for joining the institution, rising to a very higher level of becoming a senior research scholar at NASA. He quoted his friend as following the principle of not fighting with anybody despite any serious provocation. He said famous scientist Edison was sent out of the school for non performance and advised those who had failed not to lose heart and fight it tenaciously. He announced that he would gift bags to all successful students.

The renowned Dr Sarojini Varathappan recalled the efforts of the advocate the great NK Thirumalachariar in starting the group of educational institutions and the toil he underwent in establishing this. She in a gentle way pleaded the students to have belief in their self confidence and shun violence by all means. Madam also announced a cash prize for all successful candidates.
Mark sheets along with gifts were distributed to all successful candidates. Mrs Leela Sekhar spoke briefly. Mrs KN Vijayalakshmi, who had done yeomen service and still continuing to teach the children after her retirement praised all concerned and wondered the ways of SYMA in putting up posters all over Triplicane, thanking the teachers also.
                                  Madam Sarojini Varadappan feliciatated by Mrs Leela Sekhar

The function ended with National anthem.

SYMA is grateful to Mr Venkatadri, Head Master and Mrs Leela Sekhar and other Office bearers of NKT Educational Trust for providing us the venue for running SYMA Growth. We are also thankful to Mr Venkatadri and Mrs KN Vijayalakshmi for the efforts and regularity in conducting tuition classes at our Centre.

It is a moment of pride for the boys of NKT National Boys High School and SYMA justifiably has a role in shaping them towards this success

With regards – S Sampathkumar.


  1. congratulations to the students. A big thanks to all those involved in the GROWTH project. May the good work continue.. kannan

  2. Thanks Kannan. I was very happy to see the happy faces of NKT Boys and that of Mr Venkatadri, who has toiled so hard in getting them this level - Sampath