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Monday, February 5, 2024

Purple Squirrel - வானம் கீழே வந்தால் என்ன !

Squirrels are adorable.  Ever hear of a “Purple Squirrel’ !!  

வானம் கீழே வந்தால் என்ன !  அட பூமி மேலே போனால் என்ன ??

மாயம் எல்லாம் மாயம் !  இதில் மனிதன் நிலை என்ன  !!



In the world of recruiting, the term “purple squirrel” isn’t a wildlife reference but a metaphorical expression for an exceptionally rare and uniquely qualified candidate. Just as people struggle to find good employment, most Companies also struggle to find  an individual with the precise set of skills, experience, and qualifications that they feel are required for a specific role  – it’s as challenging as spotting a purple squirrel in the wild. 

When HR experts  use the term “purple squirrel,” they’re emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the sought-after candidate. This goes beyond a standard job applicant; it refers to someone who meets job qualifications and possesses additional, often exceptional, attributes that make them a perfect fit for the role.  Typically, this role involves a unique combination of specialized skills, experience, and qualifications that surpass standard requirements. Employers designate a purple squirrel role when seeking an exceptional candidate for a critical or specialized position within the organization. 

Every squirrel has its day !!  - not here but miles away in US there is National Squirrel Appreciation Day -   a day to express our love for squirrels, to connect with nature and observe the cute creatures. Celebrated in the US on January 21 every year, the day gives us the opportunity to talk about conservation efforts surrounding the little animals that aid reforestation and play a major role in the ecosystem. 

Here is a friend of mine reaching out to its favourite food
With regards – S Sampathkumar

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