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Monday, June 26, 2023

following the chosen path - பாதை மாறிப் போகும் போது..

பாதை மாறிப் போகும் போது.. ஊரும் வந்தே சேராது

தாளம் மாறிப் போடும் போது .. ராகம் தோன்றாது 


Life is a journey – in a race one must know – what is that about ? – what are we running for ? – what is our destination and of course – who are our competitors. Many a times, we run and fight against imaginary competition – when actually our path is clear and uncomplicated !! 

In this exponential world – life journey is not exactly a race ! – there may not be equal opportunities, nonetheless, there are so many opportunities to each one! 

Chose your desired path, think of the goal, plan the route, if there are leaders follow them – if not, become a leader!   Moving on much trotted path may be safer, but newer paths provide newer adventures and newer successes !! 

All that it be – it does not take you anywhere to be in the same place, planning all the time for the tide to go down – take a dip and start swimming !!


Ducks have a simple philosophy – they follow a disciplined path, keeps moving, looking for its food all the time, make sound, lives together and generally happy

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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