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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Covid camps - easy and nearer home !!

After two years + everyone thought and prayed that it had ceased to exist but perhaps has not relented yet – the  number of persons who tested positive for COVID-19 in Tamil Nadu rose to 89 on Saturday. The COVID-19 cluster that had surfaced in a private medical institution in Chengalpattu pushed the daily tally in the State. 

India records its deaths due to Covid through a transparent and legal process and does not agree to the WHO’s estimate of Covid-19 mortality for the country, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said on Saturday.  He also said the 14th Conference of Central Council of Health & Family Welfare (CCHFW) passed a resolution in this regard. The resolution was passed on the second day of the three-day CCHFW ‘Swasthya Chintab Shivir’, which concluded here on Saturday. 

Mandaviya said the registration of births and deaths in the country is extremely robust and is governed by the decades-old statutory legal framework the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1969. With COVID-19 thought to be receding into the background, a fresh controversy around it has surfaced, this time from mortality figures provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and backed by similar claims from renowned global medical journals like The Lancet and Science.  

The world’s health body has claimed that more than 4.7 million people in India–nearly 10 times higher than official records suggest–are thought to have died because of COVID-19. The Indian government has rejected the figure saying the WHO methodology is flawed and that ample public evidence was available for the global body not to slip up.  

WHO’s credibility has already gone for a toss !  - they tried China every time, ensured that it was named after the place where it emanated and kept suggesting that China had contained it so successfully !!  -  Lancet is more of a political magazine rather than a medical journal. They have been forced to withdraw many of their articles during the pandemic. If WHO is so keen on dishing out mortality figures about India, then how about doing the same with China, which has a population size bigger than India?   

The problem in India is that it has too many liberals and leftists, who are keen to present a damaging picture of the country outside. It is no surprise that most western predictions two years ago about the pandemic holocaust in India, including Ivy League institutions in the US, have been widely off the mark. And so is this WHO projection. 

The measures adopted by the Indian Govt deserve very high praise.  The Central Govt and PM Shri Narendra Modiji have ensured availability of free vaccines for millions in such well concerted measures.  Covid vaccination special camps have been a regular feature and today too – one camp  is on nearer our place today 8.5.2012 @ Samuthaya nala koodam next Amma unavagam on Venkatrangam street, Triplicane


Covaxin & Covishield doses available 

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* Booster dose for those above 60 

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With regards – S. Sampathkumar

8th May 2022 

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