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Friday, October 1, 2021

mangoes are yellow in colour and could cost Rs.100 per kg !! ~ not this one !!

**  பெரிய மாக்கனி, பலாக்கனி, பிறங்கிய வாழை; அரிய மாக் களி, கடுவன்கள்  அன்பு  கொண்டு அளிப்பன** : கம்பனுடைய  இராம காதை - அயோத்தியா  காண்டம்.  இனிப்பான மாம்பழங்கள் பற்றி இந்த பாடலை சிறுவயதில் படித்து இருப்பீர்கள்.

மாம்பழமாம் மாம்பழம்;  மல்கோவா மாம்பழம்; தித்திக்கும் மாம்பழம்

அழகான மாம்பழம்;  அல்வா போன்ற மாம்பழம்; தங்க நிற மாம்பழம்;

உங்களுக்கு வேண்டுமா;  இங்கே ஓடி வாருங்கள்; பங்கு போட்டு தின்னலாம்.


As the mercury shoots up and as people start predicting that ‘this year summer is going to be more hot’ …. People start thinking of delicious mango season.  Every place have their own variety of mangoes – some to be eaten ripe, some green and raw and some pickled and devoured.  Mangoes have enriched the literature ~ So many stories, real as well as apocryphal, are associated with this sublime fruit. Like cricket among all sports, mango among all fruits has lent itself to the folklore of Indian and subcontinental literature.  Every place in India,  have their own variety of mangoes – some to be eaten ripe, some green and raw and some pickled and devoured.  Sure you can add more to this list ……..Alphonso, Totapuri, Aambaat, Banganapalli,  Neelam, Sindhoori, Malda, Pairi, Chandrakaran, Alphonso, Langra, Gulaab khaas, peddarasalu, Kesar, dashehari, movandhan, mallika …..     mangoes are delicious fruits in bright yellow colour – could cost around Rs.100 per kg.

Almost every state boasts of their great stock and variety. There are approximately 500-1000 cultivars of different mangoes in the country. This huge variety not only differs in its shape, size, and color but also in its rich taste.   

Was surprised to read a Health tip that one should never keep mangoes and muskmelons in the fridge without first cutting them.  It advised that once mangoes are bought, soak it in the cold water for sometime and then leave them in the room temperature for a while. If you want to store them, you can cut them and keep them in the fridge for sometime to make it cooler. Don’t forget to keep the cut fruits closed. Never leave them open !

Centuries ago,  Hyuga Province was renamed to Miyazaki Prefecture with Miyazaki being its capital.  In Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture was first created in 1873 when Mimitsu Prefecture was merged with parts of Miyakonojō Prefecture. The first Miyazaki existed only until 1876 when it was merged (back) into Kagoshima Prefecture. Under public pressure and demands in the prefectural assembly of Kagoshima, Miyazaki became finally independent from Kagoshima in 1883. Miyazaki is the capital city of Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The city was founded on April 1, 1924 – it has an Airport and sea port … relevance here ??

Mangoes are liked by everyone !  .. .. sad, that Diabetics are advised not to eat this delicious fruit nor bananas, dates, jack fruit !  .. .. generally, have heard that Malkova, Imampasand varieties are costly .. .. while you generally get Neelam, Banganapalli in the market.  .. .. today almost every media has covered this – the purple-red mangoes called ‘miyazaki mangoes’ .. .. !! – mangoes native to Japan but cultivated in Bangladesh,  Thailand and the Philippines too.  On average, one mango weighs about 350 grams. Rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and folic acid, the mangoes are grown during the peak harvest season between April and August.

A couple in Madhya Pradesh has hired four security guards and six watchdogs to protect what is perhaps their most prized possession - two Miyazaki mango trees.  The orchardist couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar planted two mango saplings years ago. However, little they had any idea the two mango saplings would develop and bore into unusual ruby-coloured mangoes, the Japanese Miyazaki, according to a report in Hindustan Times. Sankalp's wife Rani said many people have shown interest to buy Mirazaki mangoes. She said a Mumbai-based jeweller is ready to pay Rs.21,000 for a mango. However, the couple has decided not to sell the mangoes to anyone yet, and instead they would grow them.  In the international market last year, the price of the not-so-"aam" (not-so-common) fruit went up to  Rs.2.70 lakh per kilogram.

When the two saplings were planted years ago, the couple had no idea the tree would bear ruby-coloured Japanese mangoes. Said to be one of the most expensive mangoes in the world, Miyazaki mangoes are often referred to as "Eggs of Sunshine" due to their shape and flaming red colour. Local thieves had broken into their orchard and tried to steal the saplings after word spread about the exotic fruit, triggering the security enhancement for the rare fruit.

Interesting !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
19th June 2021. 

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