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Monday, February 1, 2021

the inspirational Police salute !

The subject matter of this post – a photo at that could be cinematic, rather a straight lift of what you could see in a movie ! – a Salute at that.  We need to salute the Police for their exemplary work, especially in the peak of Corona wave.  The Chennai  city police commissioner’s office functioned  in Egmore till 2013 before moving to newer premises at Poonamallee High Road.  The Egmore building was, for long, a bungalow in a paddy field. The property reportedly  was bought by Arunagiri Mudaliar for Rs. 36,000. On May 1, 1842, the police moved into the bungalow from their headquarters in Vepery for a monthly rent of Rs. 165.  

We read about law and order problems every day.  Twelve Bangladeshi nationals were arrested at the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Agartala recently  after they were caught with fake Aadhar Cards. They entered India illegally through the border in Tripura. They were arrested when they had arrived at the airport in order to fly to Chennai.  As per reports, the Bangladeshis have confessed during interrogation that they entered India illegally. The fake Aadhar Cards were detected by the Indigo staff when they went to collect their boarding staff for their Indigo flight from Agartala to Chennai via Guwahati. They were apprehended by the security personnel at the airport before being handed over to the Police. The Bangladeshis collected their fake Aadhar cards from individuals in Sonamura subdivision of Sipahijala district. Tripura Police is reported to have initiated an investigation into the matter in order to bust the fake Aadhar card racket. 

In an unrelated incident in Tamil Nadu - a 19-year-old girl murdered a 26-year-old man who allegedly tried to rape her at knife point in Sholavaram police station limits in Tiruvallur district.  According to police, the girl from Tiruvallur had come to visit her aunt living in Sholavaram. When she went to the toilet near a horse stable adjacent to her aunt's house in the evening, Ajith alias Killi Ajith intercepted her. Inebriated, he allegedly sexually harassed her and tried to rape her at knife point.  The woman reacted and in the melee killed the crime perpetrator in an act of defence.  It is stated that she may not be arrested and would be left free as this was in self-defence.

In a bizarre incident, a 31-year-old doctor, who was heavily intoxicated, stole a police vehicle after they caught him in a drink and drive case. According to the reports, the incident took place in the wee hours of Monday on Harrington Road, Chennai. The accused   currently practises at a private hospital in the city. The incident occurred on Sunday near Kilpauk in Chennai. The Chennai Police stopped the doctor, who was driving under the influence of alcohol heavily. Initially, the police asked him to blow into the device, however, he refused to blow into the device and tried to drive past by showing his hospital identity card. However, the police insisted that he blow into the breathalyser, which showed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.  The police reportedly asked the doctor to return home by hiring an auto because his vehicle was seized. The doctor, who initially left to his residence, came back and picked up an argument with the police, demanding that his vehicle be handed back. When police officers refused, Ganesh drove away with a police patrol vehicle; then rammed the police vehicle into an autorickshaw, also injuring three persons.

Now to the salute ..  that transpired in   Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati brought tears to the eyes of not only a father-daughter duo working in the state police force, but also to all those who witnessed the heart-warming incident. It was a proud moment for Circle Inspector Y Shyam Sundar when he saluted his daughter, Yendluru Jessy Prasanthi, who is presently posted as the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Guntur district. Both are in Tirupati to attend the Andhra Pradesh State Police Duty Meet titled ‘Ignite’, being held there from January 4 to 7.

Speaking to TNM, the Guntur DSP said she wasn’t very comfortable when she noticed her father saluting her. “This is the first time that we met on duty. I wasn’t very comfortable with him saluting me, after all he’s my father. I asked him not to salute me, but it happened. I also returned the salute,” she said.  The DSP  who hails from the 2018 batch, came face-to-face with her father for the first time while on duty ever since she joined the department. “My father is my major inspiration. I’ve grown up seeing him serving the people relentlessly. He has helped many people in whatever way he could. That’s what made me choose this department. I have a very positive outlook towards the department,” the DSP shared.

A similar situation was witnessed in 2018 in the neighbouring Telugu state when former Deputy Commissioner of Police AR Uma Maheshwara Sarma saluted his daughter Sindhu Sarma, who was posted as the Superintendent of Police in Telangana’s Jagtial district. Sindhu is a 2014 batch Indian Police Service officer. The daughter and father had come face-to-face while on duty for a public meeting organised by the TRS in the outskirts of Hyderabad. A photo of the touching moment of the father saluting the daughter had gone viral back then.

Interesting !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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