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Monday, April 1, 2019

never leave your personal details on social media ! ~ the trouble !!

திருவரங்கம் பெரியகோவிலும் – சயனித்து இருக்கும் பெரியபெருமாள் ஆன அரங்கநாதனும் நமக்கு எல்லாநலன்களையும் தரவல்லர்கள்.  கங்கையினும் கூட புனிதமாக கருதப்படுவது   'காவிரி'  ஆறு; "திருவரங்கம்”. ’வண்டினமுரலும்சோலை, மயிலினமாலும்சோலை’ இத்திருக்கோவிலில் பெருமாளுக்கு கைங்கர்யம் செய்து வருகின்ற யானையின் பெயர் 'ஆண்டாள்" ... மேலும் ..

Thiruvarangam houses the temple of Lord Sri Ranganatha~  and in the perfect temple town – one for sure would not miss the calm friendly temple elephant named ‘Andal’.  It is part of Srirangamlegend..-  it has a Facebook account too !

Kaaki Sattai released in 2015 featuring Sivakarthikeyan and Sri divya,  directed by R. S. DuraiSenthilkumarwas a good hit.  The story revolves around police constable Mathimaran who wants to prove himself as a true, powerful cop by finding ways to solve issues of corruption in the law and order system in the department of police. The comedy track of Mayilsamy, Imam were also enjoyable. 

Many of us are addicted to ‘Facebook’ and spend longtime  updating status, uploading photos, making posts, giving status and more – and once posted, one would restlessly see again and again, to check how many have  ‘liked’ and how many have responded with comments.  Whilst some share photos of God, famous politicians, sportspersons; some keep updating their status – ‘travelling to Hyderabad, at Ooty, eating at …. Famous restaurant .. ..’ and the like.  Facebook is all about sharing and being connected – but are you unwittingly giving away loads of personal information to everyone online !!

~ in a tickling comedy in Kakkisattai, Mayilsamy would be on box in Court in front of a strict Woman Judge being the accused in a burglary case.  He would tell her that – it was no burglary but partnership encouraged by the owner himself.  He would say that the owner upon going on a vacation, would put up FB status that he is travelling on vacation, would post photos of his enjoying at the location – mayilsamy would enter his house, respond to each message, putting likes and stating he too is enjoying liquor (from house refrigerator) – he would claim that he is facebook friend of the house owner, who gave him every information about the house, was a partner visiting the house and should not be punished as a criminal ..some message here in not revealing personal information online ! ~ here is something interesting read on MailOnline sometime back .. ..

A judge has told John Terry that he should not have posted an Instagram picture showing he was on holiday as she jailed a gang of burglars who deliberately targeted his mansion.The ex-Chelsea footballer and current Aston Villa captain was on a skiing holiday with his family when their £5million mansion was raided and ransacked in February.Referring to the Terry burglary, Judge Susan Tapping said: 'It might have been a mistake to post a family photograph on social media to show he was away on holiday.'As a result his home was deliberately targeted and the master bedroom suite was ransacked.

'They spent some time searching for items to steal. Not content with the original haul they returned with a third man and an angle grinder determined to get into the safe.' – the fault, Former England captain John Terry and his wifeToni  shared a photograph of the pair on a skiing holiday  on Mr Terry's Instagram page which led to the couple being burgled and losing nearly £400,000 worth of goods.  Darren Eastaugh, 30, Joshua Sumer, 27, Roy Head, 28, and Oliver Hart, 25, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit burglary between February 1 and March 27, 2018.The conspiracy involved seven burglaries across Surrey and Sussex with a total lost from all of them was £600,000.

All  four were jailed for a total of 27 years and 11 months at Kingston Crown Court. A fifth man, Kye Hardy-King, 25, pleaded guilty to one count of handling stolen goods when some of the stolen property was found at his home. They struck after the footballer, who now captains Championship side Aston Villa, posed for pictures on the slopes of the French Alps with his wife Toni, 35, boasting to his 3.4million followers that he was having a 'great few days away skiing with the family'. But while the couple happily shared photos and videos of their lavish holiday, they didn't realise the posts had attracted the attention of a ruthless gang of prolific burglars.The men broke into their £5million mansion in Oxshott, Surrey, and spent hours ransacking the property, swiping designer handbags worth £126,000 and rare signed first edition Harry Potter books valued at £18,000.

Sentencing them, the judge said: 'Over a period of about one month earlier this year four of the defendants together with others unidentified, set out on a series of carefully planned burglaries.'By the time police surveillance was in place, some defendants were seen spending time looking for suitable homes to be targeted.'Large detached houses were only considered because of the expectation high value luxury goods would be available.'In fact it was a very successful campaign and during the course of seven burglaries £600,000 worth of luxury items were stolen. The former Chelsea captain and his wife regularly post pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook revealing their lavish lifestyle.. .. .. not all of the burglaries were at night and some were carried out while someone was in the house.  The judge added - : 'The mental turmoil may be harder to heal fully rather than a physical injury. All these victims have the right to feel safe in their own homes.' Knowing that no one was home, the audacious gang took their time strolling around his property armed with axes. They spent 45 minutes plundering the master bedroom before returning later that night to break into a safe.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
4th Mar 2019.

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