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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Vaikunda Ekadasi ~ SYMA serves food to devotees

Vaikunda Ekadasi, is a day of supreme significance for all Sri Vaishnavaites.  Today 18thDec 2018   is the all important  day.

At Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam sung by 3 Alwars Uthsavar enters  through the Paramapada vassal in the morning and in the evening in the subsequent nine days.   The   10 days starting from Vaikunda Ekadasi are  celebrated as “Iraapathu uthsavam”   Today, thousands of people thronged the temple to have darshan of Sri Venkata Krishnar (Moolavar) and Sri Parthasarathi (Uthsavar).  Devotees feel enlightened and blessed, when they  cross the entrance - Vaikunda door ~ the paramapada vasal.  This morning around 0430am Lord Sri Parthasarathi had purappadu inside the temple and with Sri Nammalwar welcoming from  the other side, entered the Paramapada vasal.  

It was indeed a divine occasion and devotees gathered in big numbers ~ when there are people, there is SYMA.  Prominent members of Srinivas Young Mens Association in service to society since 1977  along with Triplicane Brahmins Welfare Association have been arranging distribution of quality food (Prasad) to devotees – in rotation it was Pongal, Puliyogaree, tamarind rice, Curd rice .. .. right from the morning till the night, SYMA volunteers served the people with quality food.

Sakthi Hospitals, Triplicane too joined in this and stationed their nursing staff ready to provide first aid for any medical exigency.  Here are some photos taken this morning.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
Secretary SYMA : 18th Dec 2018.

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