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Thursday, March 1, 2018

blonde Polina ' A Million Voices' at Eurovision ~ 'anti-booing' technology

The blonde beauty, who bookies predicted to impress, managed to avoid the fate of her predecessors who were negatively received during last year's event.  It was a faultless performance from the blonde beauty who stepped out onto the stage in front of a raucous audience in Vienna, Austria. Wearing a white gown with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline, Polina set the tone before she even began singing her track 'A Million Voices'.  An international team of authors worked on the song  ‘A Million Voices’ including Russians, Swedes and even an Australian who lives in Berlin

Polina Sergeyevna Gagarina is a Russian singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She represents  Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.  Polina’s second name Gagarina is one of the most known not only in Russia but in the world thanks to "the first man in space", Yuri Gagarin.  She had her schooling in Greece,  and hence Greek  is no Latin to her.  She studied acting and wears a special concert perfume !

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is the  60th  edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest musical event. The contest is currently taking place in Vienna, Austria, following  Conchita Wurst's victory in the 2014 edition with her song "Rise Like a Phoenix". This is the second time that Austria hosts the contest after holding its 1967 edition also in Vienna. The contest consists of two semi-finals, and a final, to be held on 23 May 2015.  Forty countries are participating in the contest, with Australia debuting as a guest entrant, and Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Serbia returning. Ukraine, however, announced their withdrawal due to financial and political reasons.

The interesting technology news is that of Eurovision song contest installing  'anti-booing' technology for the first time to hide jeers aimed towards Russia's singer over the country's military aggression in Ukraine !  .....  Sound reducers were installed to stop the jeers from being broadcast arising out of fears that  Russia's contestant may be targeted due to the Ukraine crisis, reports MailOnline.

After a year in which Russia continued to be fiercely condemned for annexing the Crimea and its separatists' seizure of eastern Ukraine, the country remains a pariah through most of Europe.  Now, amidst fears that  Russia's Eurovision singer Polina Gagarina will bear the brunt of the ill-will, contest organisers have installed drastic 'anti-booing' technology for the final in Vienna. Special sound reducers have been installed in a bid to stop the acrimony towards Russia being broadcast - an issue that was last year labelled 'embarrassing' by organisers.

Jarmo Siim, communications co-ordinator for Eurovision, told The Moscow Times the sound reducers were installed as a 'Plan B', and he hoped they would not be required. He said: 'It was very embarrassing for us last year when this happened, as it is not in the spirit of the contest. We are here to build bridges, as the [Eurovision] motto says. 'It is the first time we have prepared in this way, we want to be ready in all scenarios [but] we have high expectations that nothing like this will happen.' He added that after seeing Russian contestant Polina Gagarina during rehearsals, they had 'no reason' to be concerned.

Despite a strong performance, last year Russia's Tolmachevy Sisters were subjected to jeers from the crowd which stemmed from anger at their country's involvement in the Ukraine crisis. The organisers' intervention also comes after Russia's anti-gay laws continue to be condemned by the international community, while Vienna - this year's host city - has installed gay-themed traffic lights.

The Austrian capital launched the revamped lights a fortnight ago at 120 zebra crossings as a symbol of tolerance. Instead of the traditional single figure, they now show either a gay or heterosexual couple holding hands, along with a heart symbol. The city had even ordered 2,000 t-shirts featuring the small figures in red and green on a black background.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

21st May 2015.

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