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Thursday, July 28, 2016

it is not deers alone that go missing ! sometimes, drivers and Police men too !!!

Ravindra used to stay in Room 61 of Building number 3 at the Naigaon police quarters. A monthly rent of Rs 230 was deducted from his salary as rent for the 180-sq ft room.  Police constables who were colleagues of Ravindra Patil, on condition of anonymity,  were quoted as stating that Patil had taken an emergency loan of Rs 70,000 in  2004, and another personal loan of Rs 34,300 in  2007 from the Police Co-operative Credit Society, Naigaon Police headquarters. As per the records, he had cleared only Rs 59,013 and still owed Rs 45,287 to the Co-operative Credit Society.  He died in chill penury in 2007 ......... 

In 1987, Mani Ratnam directed Nayakan starring Kamal Haasan was a hit.  It purportedly was  based on the real-life story of underworld don Varadaraja Mudaliar,  sympathetically depicting the struggle of South Indians living in Bombay.  Be it Nayakan or The Godfather and so many other films, the thin line to success is the rise of poor in the competitive World.  In one scene, a man would die in a car accident, to save the person who was about to be married, the hero would ask one of his henchmen to surrender posing as the ‘driver’ – poor can struggle in jail on payment of a few thousands – but not the rich, even when they commit any crime ! The staple of traditional Bollywood is the triumph of the underdog against the rich and the powerful, but in real life, when a hero is handed a punishment for a criminal offence of homicide,  the rich and famous stand  behind a drunken super rich man to slam the underdog.

              Away from this melee, is another publicity stunt. Nothing will get you as much publicity as claiming your life is in danger. They even give you Z-level security. But to accuse the Prime Minister of your country of trying to kill you is a very serious charge, and cannot be kept in the comfortable confines of rhetoric. It is an accusation and must be acted upon as such. Sanity must prevail on this person to understand that he is a CM of a tinyland; not even a National party – and the tall PM certainly has better things and is actually doing better things, than plotting such cynical demises.  What is not acceptable is for this to be just another chapter in the "foibles" of Arvind Kejriwal.  He cannot be allowed to get away with it as another selfie  indulgence because this is dynamite.

Back in news is the man who was driving the jeep used by Bollywood star Salman Khan during an alleged deer hunt in Rajasthan in 1998 and sticking to his claim that the actor had shot the animal. The statement by Harish Dulani, who was reported to be "missing", came two days after the 50-year-old actor was acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in two cases related to poaching of Chinkaras in Jodhpur in 1998. Dulani also maintained that he was not absconding but was only under fear due to threats. "I stick to the statement I made before the magistrate 18 years ago that Salman got off the car and shot the deer. I was not absconding but I was scared due to several threats received by me and my father," he told NDTV. "Due to fear I went away to my relatives' place in Jodhpur. We had asked for protection but did not get it. If I had police protection, I could have given a statement. That was what I always intended," he added.

The high court had held that the pellets recovered from the Chinkaras were not fired from Khan's licensed gun. Dulani, the prosecution's only witness in the poaching cases, was reported missing since 2002, which weakened the prosecution's case against the movie star. The driver also said that he has been "punished" for being Salman's driver. "I have been punished for being Salman's driver. I am living my life in fear," he said. While arguing the case in the high court, Khan's lawyer had contended that the actor had been falsely framed in these cases, merely on the statements of Dulani, the driver of the vehicle, which was allegedly used in poaching in both these cases. The lawyer argued that Dulani was never available to them for cross-examination and hence his statements could not be relied upon in the conviction of Khan. He had also contended that both the cases have been built on circumstantial evidences and there was no eye-witness or any material evidence against Salman.

If you still remember the name in the first name, late Ravindra Patil was - Salman Khan's bodyguard [ it should be officer posted to accompany him !] , who played a crucial role in the actor's conviction in the 2002 hit-and-run case. It was Patil who called police after the accident, and became the complainant against the actor.  Patil told the court that Khan was drunk at the time of the accident. He said he had asked the actor to drive slowly, but the actor didn't pay heed to his request.”  He went missing as per Police records and years later was found in the Sewri TB hospital. Such was his physical condition that at first no one recognised him. He was reduced to a pile of bones and weighed a mere 30 kg. He was diagnosed  with a deadly type of TB with little hope of survival.  According to the hospital staff, Patil had reached the hospital in a pitiable condition and was unable to move or even speak. Patil had reportedly told the doctors that he was begging on the streets of Mumbai and had managed to collect Rs 50 to hire a cab to come to the hospital. He eventually lost the battle for life in Oct 2007 ~ and that does make a sad reading !!! 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

28th July 2016.

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