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Thursday, July 21, 2016

hype .. neruppuda ! 'Kabali' release - plane, postal cover and special leave !!!

There is so much of hype – the actor, Rajinikanth isn’t just a name, but an emotion for the fans. Kabali, the most anticipated film of this year, slated to be released across worldwide, in more than 4,000 screens, in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, the demand for its tickets is showcased to be unprecedented. The kind of euphoria and hooplah — the Tamil industry has not witnessed in the recent past! [have we not heard the same dialogue for Baba, Enthiran and …]  Rajinikanth’s Kabali is all set to release on July 22 and box office is predicting that it will do over Rs 100 crore box office collection in first three days of release. This is over and above the Rs 200 crore that the film has reportedly made with various corporate deals and sale of its music and satellite rights. The Rajinikanth starrer is releasing in over 5000 screens all across the world, including 400 in the US.

Long before the invention and usage of templates – there were specialists who used to tutor writing a leave application - ‘as I am suffering from fever’.

People do stay away from work – a long absence would sure affect the workplace and in some critical / key positions, even a shorter duration could spell trouble ! ….. there are various types of leaves- generally it is perceived  that employees of Govt and PSU enjoy many types of leaves and in most Private companies, the leave is very restricted – even the available ones would lapse as bosses may not sanction leave and then leave balance could get truncated with the closure of year………………… Here are some types of Leave : – Casual leave; Earned Leave(Privilege leave) ; Sick leave; Maternity Leave, Paternity leave, Bereavement leave; leave for election duty; leave to appear as witness; Additional Casual leave and more…..…..  Once at the famed Eden Gardens, veteran curator Prabir Mukherjee proceeded on a medical leave and termed the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) decision to sideline him for the third Test between India and England as an “insult.”  Reports suggested that Mr. Mukhejee, who has been preparing the pitch of the stadium since 1985, shot a letter to the CAB seeking  a “medical leave”

In the start of the 1980s, the hi-class ticket (at Devi Paradise, Saffire, Satyam etc.,) was Rs.2.90….but one had to stand in serpentine queues unsure of getting a ticket….that was thrilling ! 

Rajnikant, Vijayashanti starrer Mannan released in 1992 was a great hit.  It was a remake of the 1986 hit Kannada film Anuraga Aralithu starring Rajkumar. In one of the scenes, Rajni and Goundamani would take leave from factory on a false pretext, stand in queue buying ticket for Chinna Thambi on its 175th day…. the 1st man was to receive a gold chain and the 2nd a golden ring….. winners Rajni and Goundamani would be startled as the prizes would be given in the hands of Vijayashanthi, to whom they had lied and had come to the movie……..

Not sure, how your HR is going to react to this – there are reports in social media that Companies (mostly IT & ITES)  have given their employees the day off on Friday so they can attend screenings of a new film starring Tamil cinema superstar Rajinikanth. They say it is to avoid people calling in sick, turning off their phones or simply failing to turn up for work. In Chennai and Bangalore, some companies have declared a holiday on Friday and given their employees free tickets for the film. One firm said it had declared a holiday to "avoid piled up leave requests to the HR department". A Bangalore-based company said it did the same to "avoid sick leaves, mobile switch offs and mass bunks".

Private Companies are entitled to taking decisions and declaring leave – still, this is hyped, but one fails to understand this decision of Postal Department.  The Department of Posts is to bring out a ‘Special Carried Cover’ to mark the special aircraft that will fly fans from Bengaluru to Chennai on July 22 viz the day of Kabali movie release. The Karnataka Postal Circle and Chennai City Region of the department have joined hands with Air Asia for the initiative !!  (what !!!) The Special Covers, which are usually described as ‘Philatelists’ delight’, from the Postmaster General Bengaluru will be addressed to the Postmaster General Chennai City Region. They will bear the postmarks of Bengaluru and Chennai airport post offices. Whenever a new flight is launched, some special covers are also transported on it and they have their own philatelic value. The Air Asia aircraft is the first cine flight in the country flying exclusively between Bengaluru and Chennai to help fans watch the first day, morning show. That makes the carried cover more memorable.

So wat you doin.. .. tomorrow ?

Regards – S. Sampathkumar

21st July 2016