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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Presenting June 2016 issue of Bliss – voice of SYMA

Presenting June 2016  issue of Bliss – voice of SYMA

The newsletter of SYMA – Bliss is in your hands.  Click here : SYMA Bliss 062016    to download the issue : 

From the time pre-monsoon sets in, all eyes look heavenwards expecting the first smell of rain.  The summer rains did evoke some fear of those wet days of Dec 2015 in Chennai, when many parts of the city went underwater.

This issue again, comes after quite a long break – with lot happening in between. Our present issue contains :

*        SYMA providing quality  drinking water quenching thirst of people
*        SYMA Growth marching to its 9th year ~ this year project fully supported by M/s ManpowerGroup.
*        770 seconds of glory for the Nation.
*        performance of SYMA Growth students in the Public examinations
*        tale of the small bridge that could change the way people access Triplicane MRTS station
*        Election results  - not of the 4 States – but that of SYMA
*        Q of the issue : the first elections to the legislative assembly of the State after Independence of the Nation was held in 1952.  Do you know – the no. of constituencies and who was the first speaker of the house. ?

                Sooner, we will have our Educational Aid function[slated to be held on 9th July 2016] at NKT National Girls High School, Triplicane.  Separate mail communication would follow on that.

Thanks to all of you – do continue to provide your feedback on Bliss and any other activity of SYMA – through e-mail / phone

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

Editor – Bliss;  26th June 2016.

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