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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gautam Gambhir - Manoj Tiwary ugly fight on ground ~ spars are not new !!

Australians play the game hard way – they call it so – and that they think grants liberty to slang and sledge.

Manoj Tiwary has had more downs than ups – he has so far played 12 ODIs for  India. After a highly successful season, he was sure to make his debut against Bangladesh – but on the eve of the match, he injured his shoulder………..then he flew down to Brisbane and played in ODI 2670 in Feb 2008 – looked all at sea – Brett Lee bowled him for 2.  That match produced no result.    He had to wait for 3 long years for his next match – was pushed to open – then in Dec 2011 at Chepauk against West Indies played a good innings scoring his maiden century and winning the Man of the Match. 

This year, he played 3 matches against Zimbabwe, did not score much – has a total of 287 including that unbeaten 104.  At Chepauk, Tiwary had walked out to face the fourth delivery of the match, with Roach on a hat-trick after a lack of bounce did for Rahane and Patel.  Kieron   Pollard  smashed ten sixes, and farmed the strike adeptly after Russell departed, and  was last man out trying for an eleventh.

In IPL 2014  - in a match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers,  Starc bowled a bouncer at Pollard, who was beaten as he attempted a hook. Starc went up to the batsman and spoke a few words; Pollard's reaction waved him off. As Starc ran in to bowl the next ball, Pollard pulled out of the delivery by backing away outside leg stump just as the bowler was approaching his jump. Starc did not abort the delivery,  instead -  followed the batsman and bowled the ball in anger close to Pollard's legs. Pollard responded by swinging his bat hard - appearing to threaten to throw it at the bowler - and it slipped out of his hand and fell on the leg side. Both players were visibly angry and continued to exchange words.

Today there is news that - Gautam Gambhir and Manoj Tiwary, captains of the Delhi and Bengal teams, were involved in a prolonged heated exchange during the third day's play of the Ranji Trophy match at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. The umpire, K Srinath, had to intervene, and the match referee, Valmik Buch, has called for a hearing. In a statement issued after the hearing, Gambhir said Buch conceded he had seen video evidence of Tiwary pushing Delhi seamer Pradeep Sangwan.

The incident happened in the seventh over of Bengal's second innings, when Tiwary came out to bat at the fall of the second wicket, that of Parthasarathi Bhattacharjee to the left-arm spin of Manan Sharma. Delhi had fallen behind by 108 runs in the first innings, and were looking to bowl Bengal out a second time around for a shot at an outright win.  Tiwary came out wearing a cap, but even before he faced a delivery - probably realising a pace bowler was bowling from the other end - he called for a helmet. Delhi probably saw this as an act of wasting time by Bengal to hold on to their three first-innings lead points. There were words exchanged, which soon gave way to aggressive gestures between Gambhir, fielding at first slip, and Tiwary.

Srinath had to separate the two. Buch called in the two team managers, Manoj Kapoor of Delhi and Sameer Dasgupta of Bengal, and the two captains. Some reports suggest that in an ugly gesture, Gambhir even pushed umpire Srinath, who was trying to get him out of the way to hit Tiwary. Touching umpire is a grave offence, which could invite a ban.

Gambhir has been involved in some ugly spars ~ and it is time, a player of his experience conducts himself on field.  Ugly spats are not restricted to ‘street cricket’ …… Ambati Rayudu while playing for Hyderabad years ago, was attacked by Arjun Yadav, son of famed Shivlal Yadav.  Worser still was the left arm pacer from Baroda Rashid Patel chasing Raman Lamba with a stick in hand.  It was Jan 1991, Duleep Trophy final between West Zone and North zone.  Lamba made 180 and NZ piled up 729/9 when declaration came.  In the 2nd innings  Lamba was taunting them again…… Kiran More was the Captain who reportedly shouted something to Rashid Patel, who kept bouncing  to Lamba.  Reportedly Patel overstepped far too long and hurled one short with a big ‘no-ball’, injuring Lamba.  The incident was widely reported in all newspapers.  There were exchange of words, incensed Lamba reportedly waved his bat – Rashid Patel plucked the stump, chased him around the ground and probably hit him too.  Following an enquiry Lamba was debarred for 10 months and Rashid Patel – 13 months.
In 1992, there was an International event – at Perth when the mighty Dennis Lillee and dogged Javed Mianded were involved in an altercation.  Lillee was not having a great day and Miandad reportedly teased him with some snide remarks… when Miandad played down to fineleg and set off for a single, Lillee deliberately crossed his path and collided. Miandad’s bat hit Lillee’s back, Lillee kicked him on his knee - resembling a boxer ~ Miandad advanced with bat held high in a threatening gesture …. Aussie Capt Greg Chappel entirely blamed Miandad, though Lillee got a warning a $ 200 fine…

Recently in 2013 occurred  an off-field brawl at around 2 am in a bar in Birmingham city Aussies were celebrating their win over England at Edgbaston; a small contingent of English players had also come to be bar.  David Warner reportedly threw a punch at England player Joe Root in an altercation and promptly received a ban….  In Aug 2013, a picture tweeted by England's wicket keeper Matt Prior showed the squad celebrated,  sat on the Oval after dark surrounded by beer and champagne.

And Malcolm Conn wrote in the Herald Sun: 'While the centre of the ground was quite dark, lights were on in the grandstands with dozens of people still cleaning up after a late finish which saw the game go beyond 7.30pm.  'A number of players including Stuart Broad, Kevin Pietersen and Jimmy Anderson took it in turns urinating on the pitch to the cheers of their team mates.

~ these people bring disrespute to the game ..
With regards – S. Sampathkumar

24th Oct 2015.

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