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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dhoni Raina partnership takes India to win ~ the partnership of a blind man and a double amputee !!

India is on a roll – they bowled out Zimbabwe for 287 – then were at 92/4 one stage. Rohit Sharma, Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane and Kohli all back in the pavilion.   Before that there was a gem of an innings by some who overemphasised how frustrating it can be to play for Zimbabwe:  Brendan  Taylor scored an excellent century to rescue Zimbabwe from 33 for 3, then saw five wickets fall for 52 after him; later  the fielding let his side down to lose with eight balls to spare.  There was unbroken partnership of 196 between  Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni, India's sixth-best in a World Cup game.

Irattaipulavar (meaning The twin poets) were brothers born in Alandurai of Chola Nadu during 14th century.  The elder, called Mudhusuriyar 'Old Sun' was born lame; the younger, Ilanjchuriyar 'Young Sun,' was blind. They went about as wanderers, the blind man carrying his lame brother on the shoulders, complementing each other in poetry as in life, one man completing extempore what the other began. They were contemporaries of Kalamega pulavar and were known for the ‘pun-filled poems’. So people can achieve greater things together, in a partnership.  

Jia Haixia is blind in both eyes  and Jia Wenqi, is a double amputee – at 53 together what they can achieve ?

In an atmosphere where a BBC documentary tried to highlight that in India  -  girls being tormented, raped, killed or treated like a doormat in one way or another,  there are brighter things in life too.   A tiny village – Piplantri in Rajasthan's Rajsamand district is quietly practicing its own, homegrown brand of Eco-feminism and achieving spectacular results. For the last several years, Piplantri village panchayat has been saving girl children and increasing the green cover in and around it at the same time. Here, villagers plant 111 trees every time a girl is born and the community ensures these trees survive, attaining fruition as the girls grow up.

Over the last six years, people here have managed to plant over a quarter million trees on the village's grazing commons- inlcuding neem, sheesham, mango, Amla among others. There was the Chipko movement, through the act of hugging trees protected  them from being felled. In legend, this practice began with Amrita Devi while protesting against a King's man who wanted to cut a tree. In khejarli village 363 Bishnois sacrificed their lives in 1730 AD while protecting green Khejri that are considered sacred by the community.   Bishnoi are  followers of 29 principles given by Guru Jambheshwar.  Guru Jambheshwar gave the message to protect trees and wildlife more than 500 years  ago, prophesying that harming the environment means harming the society.   
Now read about this wonderful partnership of Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi.  Mr Haixia  blind in both eyes and Mr Wenqi a double amputee-  both 53, have planted 10,000 trees in Hebei, China.  MailOnline has an impression report on this unlikely duo - especially for something as physically demanding as planting trees.

Jia Haixa and Jia Wenqi embarked on their heart-warming partnership 10 years ago after finding they were unable to secure jobs due to their respective impairments. Together they have created their own unique way of working that has allowed them to transform a three-hectare stretch of riverbank, according to The People's Daily online.  In the last 10 years the friends have become the eyes and hands for each other in the rural village of Hebei, China.  'I am his hands,' said blind Mr Haixia. 'He is my eyes. We are good partners.'

The 53-year-old was born with congenital cataracts which left him blind in his left eye. Then in 2000, due to a work accident, he also lost the sight in his right eye.  Mr Wenqi, also 53, lost both arms in an accident when he was just three-years-old. In 2001, unable to secure work elsewhere, the eco-warriors leased a large stretch of the river bank from the local government in a bid to plant trees for future generations.  The proud pair also hoped to earn a modest income from their work from government funding and help protect their village from flooding in the process.

Each day the dedicated pair leave their home at 7am armed with only a hammer and iron rod. Before they can start their work Mr Wenqi has to carry his blind companion across a fast moving river. Without money to buy saplings, they then have to collect cuttings. This is no easy task and involves Mr Haixa scaling large trees. Without the use of his eyes, he is guided by his armless companion as he hauls himself through the branches. Back on solid ground, he then creates a hole and plants the new shoot. It then becomes Mr Wenqi's job to water the saplings. It hasn't been fast work, but now the three hectare site is covered with trees that attract a large number of birds. In total the duo believe they have planted 10,000 trees in a decade and have no plans to stop.
'Though we did not accomplish much in a dozens years, we recognize our effort,' said Mr Haixia.  Mr Wenqi added:  'We stand on our own feet. The fruits of our labour taste sweeter. Even though we are gnawing on steam buns, we find peace in our hearts.'

The inspirational pair have refused to let their individual disabilities hold them back ~ great job indeed and such people deserve all the focus and attention of the society.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

14th Mar 2015.

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