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Friday, November 7, 2014

Salman Khan : I am not asking Govt job ! - but want to travel to UK !!!!

The blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) is an ungulate species of antelope native to the Indian subcontinent that has been classified as near threatened by IUCN since 2003, as its range has decreased sharply during the 20th century. How and why is that called hunting …. Deers are most meek and how can  killing them with fire arms be considered valour ?   The powerful and influential people want special treatment everywhere …. Read this interesting post in Daily Mail which quotes the actor Salman Khan as saying - 'I'm not asking for a government job, I just want to travel to the UK!'

Bollywood star Salman Khan's legal troubles deepened on Wednesday, with the the Supreme Court 'prima-facie', insisting that it cannot stay his conviction in the 1998 black buck poaching case to enable him to travel to the UK for a film shoot. The Bench, however, did not take a final stand and reserved the plea for pronouncement of final verdict after hearing the arguments of Khan's lawyer and the Rajasthan government.   Among a slew of reasons the Bench gave not to stay the conviction, head Justice S.J. Mukhopadhyay gave the most hard-hitting, stating: "You say you are facing hardship and difficulty in discharging professional duties because you won't get a UK visa if the conviction is not suspended.

The report states that Salma Khan already had the sentences for his poaching convictions suspended, but that's not enough to gain him entrance to the UK for filming. Though Khan could travel to many countries after the Rajasthan High Court suspended his five-year sentence, the UK insists that a person's conviction should also be suspended in order to travel to or obtain a work visa for the country.

"We understand your problem as you can't wait till an acquittal as age is a hero's biggest asset and charm fades with age. But we are helpless," the Bench told senior lawyer Siddharth Luthra, who represented Khan. "We also know that nobody will compensate him for the monetary loss if he is eventually acquitted in the case."  The court reminded Luthra that Khan's 'hardships and irreparable losses' had been taken care of by the court and the government, and he had been allowed to travel abroad after the suspension of his sentence. The court said that if a country, like the UK, did not allow him in and insisted on suspension of conviction, the Supreme Court does not have the jurisdiction to issue any directions to that country and Salman's 'remedy lie somewhere else' and he could 'move a court in the UK'. Under British immigration rules, any person convicted for more than four years is not eligible for a visa and his passport is stamped with the word 'convict'.

Khan was sentenced to one-year and five-year terms in separate cases of poaching of two Chinkaras at Bhawad and one black buck at Ghoda Farm (Mathania) in 1998. Besides Khan, actors Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam were accused of poaching near Jodhpur during the shooting of the film Hum Saath Saath Hain.
Khan: I’m not asking for a government job, I just want to travel to the UK.
SC: We are not stopping you, the government is not stopping you either. You have been going abroad after the five-year sentence was suspended. But if the UK is insisting on suspension of conviction too, please approach a UK court.

It is stated that in Mar 2013, a Jodhpur court today framed charges against four Bollywood actors in a 1998 black buck poaching case but key accused Salman Khan failed to appear before it citing a medical problem. The main charge in the case is violation of Section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, which says anyone hunting (capturing, killing, poisoning, snaring or trapping) any wild animal or trying to do so may be sent to jail for three years. 

Will not  the same plea that age whithering a person  would pass-by during the period of one’s trial and none can restore what was lost during that period, if acquitted – hold good for every accused ?

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

7th Nov. 2014.

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