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Monday, April 14, 2014

Jaya Varusha Panchangam Release : Brahmin Welfare Association, Triplicane

Jaya  Varusha Panchangam release : Brahmin Welfare Association, Triplicane

Today marks the starting of Tamil new year ‘Jaya Varusham’ – which promises to be plentiful...  Do you know …: Manmatha, Thunmuki, He’ Vilambi, Vilambi, Vikari, Saarvari, Pilava, Suba Kruthu, Sobha kiruthu, Krothi …………. It was a grand gathering at Gangai Kondan Mandapam in Thiruvallikkeni…….. reason… ‘Panchangam release of ‘Brahmins Welfare Association’, Triplicane and Yours Truly was on stage compering.

In the ‘Vaivasvatha Manvantharam, after passage of 27 Maha Yugas ~ now in the 28th Mahayuga – after passage of 3 Yugas ~ in the Kali Yuga – after passage of 4 lakh 28 thousands of years – in the year 5114~ Salivahana Saha  1935 ‘Year Vijaya ’ 22nd  day in the tamil month of Panguni  - on Sashti  day with Mrugaseersham Nakshathiram’………….that is Saturdya, 5th of April 2014” - was held the ‘Jaya Varusha Panchanga release function’.

A panchāngam (பஞ்சாங்கம்) is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Indian timekeeping, and presents important dates and their calculations in a tabulated form. Panchāngams are published in India by many learned authors, societies, academies, and universities. Different publications differ only minutely, at least for a casual or un-trained reader. They forecast celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, forecast weather (rain, dryspells) as well as more mundane occurrences. The study of Panchāngams involves understanding Rasi phalan, the impact of the signs of the zodiac on the individual. Astrologers consult the Panchāngam to set auspicious dates for weddings and the like. 

Panchangam literally translates to having five parts [angas].  They are :
•        Tithi - Ending Moment (EM) of elongation of the Moon, the lunar day, the angular relationship between Sun and Moon
•        Varam – the weekday ~ the seven days of the week
•        Nakshatra - the stellar mansion in which Moon is located for an observer at the center of the Earth. There are 27 Nakshatras.
•        Yoga - EM of the angular relationship between Sun and Moon
•         Karana - EM of half of a Tithi. One Karaa equals 6 degree difference between Moon and Sun.

At Thiruvallikkeni Gangai Kondan Mandapam, it all started with the group singing ‘Panduranga Nama Sangeerthanam’  by Cuddalore Gopi Bagavathar and his troupe.  Kadalur Gopi bagavathar in his inimitable style kept the audience totally engrossed.

At 06.00 the function started with prayer ‘Vethathai Vethathin Suvaipayanai’ sung by Yours Truly, accompanied by Mr KV Srinivasan, KV Rangaragan, Madhavan and KV Arulalan.

On the podium were

The Chief Guest : His Holiness Sri Paramahamsedhyathi Sriuperumpudur Appan Parakala Ramanuja Embar Jeeyar Swami

Other Special Guests :

Sri TS Ramaswamy, Senior Advocate, Sri Sarma Sastrigal, & Thiru Pammal Ramakrishnan, District Secretary, Tamilnadu Brahmins Association.

In the function, ‘Jaya varusha Panchangam’ was released by the Chief Guest Sri Embar Jeeyar Swami. Sri Pammal Ramakrishna, Sri TS Ramaswamy, Sarma Sastrigal all spoke and Sri Jeeyar Swamin’s anugraha bashanam followed.

It is not simply a vedic almanac, this Panchangam contains amongst other things : the important uthsava details of Sri Parthasarathi swami temple; important days of Sri Ahobila Mutt, Sri Utharathi Mutt, Azhwargal Acharyargal Thirunakshathirangal, dos and donts, Parayana slokas, Avani avittam sangalpam, tharpana sangalpams, host of significant details of hindu religious practices; telephone nos. of Thirumana mantaps at Thiruvallikkeni, contact details of Prahaspathigal and more…… no doubt a very useful book for every Brahmin – a must have at home. 

While it is Day : 24 hours : 60 Minutes : 60 seconds ….. the calculations are much more minutely accurate in Vedic and computation of Panchangam ~ it is 48 minutes = 1 muhurtham; 24 minutes = 1 nazhigai; 60 nazhigai = 1 day; 2 ½ nazhigai = 1 hour…….. 15 days is = 1 paksham; 2 months = 1 ruthu;….and minutely …. 1 Paramaanu = 0.0002 seconds  … Kanchi Krishna, Secretary was honoured on the dias for preparing this panchangam. In all, it was a grand show organized by Brahmin Welfare Association of Triplicane.  Copies of the  panchangam were distributed to all those present at the mantap.  

The list in the starting para gives  the names of the 10 years next to the present year ‘Jaya’. Here are some photos of the function.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

the prayer.. 

 section of people who had gathered...
 Panchangam being released........
 Sarma Sastrigal speaking

 HH Sri Embar Jeeyar Swamigal anugraha bashanam.
pammalar honouring me.

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