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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the passionate ride in a new motor cycle

There is something urged by instinct and driven by passion.  The tastes are subjective and that of a  connoisseur will be highly different from ordinary mortals.

Two wheelers are often a passion not only because they could provide easy transportation and can be fuel efficient but more because of  machismo attached to it.  

In fact amongst its other two wheeled cousins like mopeds and scooters – bikes may not be fuel efficient and in some ways require extra expertise for driving them.  May be the feeling of real horse power and riding, if not reigning a horse could be felt.  Motorcycles are engine powered two wheelers with power transmitted by way of a chain from the engine to gear box to the rear wheel.  In scooters often there would be direct transmission to the wheel sans chain.  The ones designed for manouvre in congested urban traffic may not be speed machines though some drive them mad on city roads.   Have read that in foreign markets there is great market for power and sports bikes which often cost a fortune – not for those who think of budgets everywhere…

My favourite writer Sujatha wrote about everything –  cars and aero planes (don’t remember reading anything about ship though !).  He once wrote in Kumudam about his friend (called Mahendran) possessing a Honda comet and how he sped past 160 kmph in few seconds – as usual it was great inspiring making one dream of even seeing the vehicle once.

This morning – a friend of mine – who is regular to our office called from down to show his newly acquired speed machine – India first model with cooling mechanism.  A vehicle with liquid cooled engine, which can cruise at top speed with less vibrations offering a quality ride.  He took me for a very short ride and to admit it was more than a bit scary in the congested roads  - I was thinking of a non existent gap quite some meters in front and before I could think, we went past it zipping through..

It is Yamaha R 15 costing Rs.115000/- approx – certainly one can buy two vehicles at this price and have something in pocket for celebrations.  Of course this is not the costliest one as now a days, the craze is hitting the sky.  Its engine is surrounded by a water jacket in which coolant liquid circulates to cool the engine.  Not many two wheelers would have this radiator mechanism as this is likely to increase the weight.  YZF R15 claims to use a  special compact and lightweight aluminum radiator and a body design that utilizes airflow for heat dissipation.  The bike has undercowls giving a look of aero space management.  ‘harmony between rider and machine’  claims the manufacturer but at first sight to me it did not look all that easy to ride.  May be that is a clear reflection of ageing.   

The vehicle’s displacement is 149.8 cc and has 6 gears, electric start and 12 litre capacity tank.  The telescopic frame is quite attractive.
Here is a photo of the vehicle.  

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.


  1. more than the bike, the rider looks stunning!!

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