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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Presenting our Dec 2010 issue of BLISS - voice of SYMA from Triplicane

Dear (s)

The Dec  2010 issue of BLISS, the voice of  Srinivas Youngmen’s  Association is  here BLISS 122010  at a click of a mouse :   

The year that passed by saw India shining in Sports arena and Sachin making 50th of his Test Centuries in style.  

Besides the various Health camps, this year, this month saw the conduct of ‘cancer awareness programme’ in coordination with VS Hospitals.  We have grave concern on the health of citizens with Diabetes threatening to afflict more and more.  Our present issue has   amongst other things :-

v      An article about Sree Sarada Sevashram and our visit over there
v      About Narayan Krishnan who has been providing food and dignity to the poor at Madurai and a follow up of the Hero of CNN 2010
v      Something on a carnatic music aficionado
v      The camp conducted in coordination with VS Hospital
v      Some early details of our Child Fest 2011 – scheduled to be held in two parts
v      Thanking ‘Attune Technologies’ who provided software to our medical centre.  

       +  Question on the mascot of 2011 Cricket World Cup

Look forward to your response.


Ps :  For those new, SYMA is a Social Service Organisation with more than 3 decades of existence and BLISS is the newsletter of SYMA


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