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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recalling the glorious moments - India lifts T20 WC in 2007

Dear (s)  [Reading old books and reminiscing old things are indeed sweet – here is something mailed to my group on 25/09/2007 – immediately on India winning the T20 WC at SA]

Love to recall the thrilling moments of victory at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg yesterday.  Some of you would have been very young when Kapil's devils brought the might West Indians to their feet way back in 1983.  This one at the shortest version was much sweeter.
Millions missed their heart beat and were wondering what would happen.  That fateful scoop of Misbha went soaring.  None had clue of where it would go.  Pessimists thought of a six while optimists wanted it to land in the hand of the best fielder they could imagine.  It was only a very few milli seconds but one of the most awaited moments as the ball came thudding down to Sreesanth, much to the excitement of those shivering Indians who were chanting an Indian win.

This photo would portray all – the tension – moments of immortality.  Just savour the photo for some more seconds as you recall those wonderful moments, the sweet fragrance of a GREAT INDIAN WIN in the latest born form of cricket.  To some of those who might not know, it is Misbha Ul Haq – a right hander leaving all the stumps exposed, trying to scoop Joginder Sharma to a no man’s land behind the keeper and the fine leg which was up.

After that excellent 12th over from Pathan, Pakis were reduced to rubbles tottering at 78 for 6.  Pathan removed the dangerous looking Shoaib Malik and Afridi in the same over.  In walked the dangerous Misbha Ul Haq a la Miandad – the scourge for Indian cricket.  Harbhajan went for 19 in the 17th over with Misbha hitting him over for 3 sixers.

Sreesanth was hit over the park by Sohail Tanvir for the maximum and fortune was swinging away.  Sree made a good comeback with his last delivery castling the off stum of Tanvir. It was heading for a classic nail biting finish – the equation read a gettable 20 from 12 balls with 2 wickets in hand.  It was Rudra Pratap Singh’s trun.  He unleashed a great spell conceding 1,1,0,1 in the first four and uprooted the stumps of Umar Gul with his 5th.  It was 17 off 7.  Hare Mohd Asif sliced the full toss to 3rd man for a four.  13 needed of 6 now.

Dhoni tossed the ball to a nervy Joginder who ran in and pitched it wide away off the stumps.  The second (the actual first) was close to a no ball.  The next one Misbah cool as ice pounded it in a baseball style on the off for a six and Pakis were just a stroke away from victory.  6 needed from 4. Bated breaths.  Joginder ran in innocuously – Misbha had already moved out showing all the stumps open, tried scooping it behind and it was all over.  The victory celebrations had began. 

24th Sept 2007 became another gold lettered day as 25th June 1983.  It might not qualify as a flawless performance but certainly was a team performance by a very young Indian Team.

We are naturally delighted with the victory.  A very good game indeed with a great result, allowing all the Indians to REJOICE.

With regards
        S Sampathkumar.

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