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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the mother of Scams - what will be the reaction of the Nation

Close on the heels of India obtaining independence occurred Insurance scam which led to the Nationalisation of Insurance and formation of the monolithic Life Insurance Corporation of India.

The average  income of an India is pegged at lower than Rs.50000/- per annum and by per capita Income India was ranked 139th.   But in the same country, there are many many scams and the recent telecom scam is reportedly to have caused a loss of 1.76 lakh crore rupees to the public exchequer.  One crore is  100 lakhs (7 zeroes after one i.e., total of 8 digits)

It totally belies common man’s thinking power as to how to write 1.76 lakh crore – how many zeroes, how many digits and how would anybody stash that amount anywhere ?  all such things are happening !!

The latest hot scam which reportedly caused lakh crore loss to the Exchequer is not touted as biggest corruption case.  Whether anybody would ever be prosecuted and whether any steps would ever be taken to "undo the damage and recover the lost revenue" would be common man’s grave worry………..  only until another scam erupts, or some other sensational news appears or at least another film of a super star gets released.  Then it would be time for all to get into the minutest of details possible to check how the film was made and Nation would be lost listening to all those connected with cine dom.

Does any one of us remember or have any concern to follow the details of other scams, which in their times were reported as ‘mother of all scams’.  Way back in 2004,  a Civil rights leader Banang Tago filed a PIL without slightest of inclination that it would unravel a fraud involving 1000 crore ($213 million) of government funds allegedly pocketed by a clique of politicians-bureaucrats-contractors in Arunachal Pradesh.  Years later the former CM himself was arrested in connection with the scam.
As a matter of routine the opposition would stall the proceedings of the Parliament calling it a murky affair and would shout for the head of the Head of the Govt.  
But everything would return to normalcy soon, as all including the Public have short memory or have lots of memory loss syndrome.  The average Indian is extremely intelligent or so one claims.  It would encompass the property of mind with abilities of abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, planning and problem solving.  Reads great on paper…………..  WE are experts in finding out logical, reasonable, acceptable solutions to problems.  

Logic is the study of arguments.  It is used in most intellectual activities and is studied in disciplines of philosophy, maths and computer science which places great value on algorithms.   Logic encompasses many different kinds of study, ; some claim that logic is the study of truth, and is thus the most basic and fundamental science. While every science aims at truth, logic is the science of truth
itself. It tries to discover the truth about truth. Logic studies truth in the same way that biology studies living things.  Rationality is the exercise of reason.  The way humans come to conclusions when considering things consciously.  
Humanity learns from experience and wisdom is learning from other’s experience.  Here is a logical story and the moral is far too evident :-

  • In a good great country,  ran a beautiful river and for crossing it, there existed ferry service.  
  • When too many people want to cross, there will rush of users.
  • The ferry would get over crowded.
  • Large minded users would often invite their friends or known persons to join them.  
  • The common logic is it is ok to have one more. This would go on unhindered.
  • The stage where the boat is overloaded would soon be a reality.
  • Thiruvalluvar who knew neither Maths nor Science wrote ‘that a cart would get broken by the feather of peacock, if it exceeds the limit’.
  • Those who use the Boat are super brained individuals and the boatman would generally not care and also knows that his words would never be heard.
  • In tragic circumstances, the boat would sink. Loss of lives ; immediate coverage of boat accident.  In a live show, Anchor would tell us what boat is, for how long the river existed, how they are run by uneducated oarsmen, how the Govt. does not care at all – 24 X 7 – the relatives of dead would be on air too……………..  blame game.
Slowly, everything would stop, the conditions would never change at all.  Few days later, same place, perhaps the same boat, not even reconditioned
 More commuters
More rational thinking,
People will not have time to listen to anything as most of the Nation is busy talking on mobile.
Another tragedy waiting to happen.  That perhaps defines Democracy in the land of enlightened masses and brilliant individuals…………………….

With regards – S Sampathkumar.

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