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Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear (s)

Most of you have been receiving our monthly newsletter. For the new, BLISS is the newsletter / voice of Srinivas Youngmens Association (SYMA) dedicated to the cause of social service for more than 3 decades and Yours Truly has been the author for more than 7 years since inception now.

The present issue covers in detail the Child Fest 2010 held on 6th & 7th of Feb 2010 in which close to 4000 children participated.

This issue           BLISS-FEB-2010     also contains   :
• Indian win at Kolkatta and breaching of 200 after 2961 games
• Our concern on the bomb blast at Pune and growing terrorism
• The attacks at Midnapore by naxals and the inept handling by the Govt.
• Something on the birds sanctuary at Kodikarai
• The motivational lecture given to the students of SYMA Growth
• Do you know which the is the National Aquatic animal of India

All these and more. Please read our present issue. For more details of SYMA, please log on to

Regards – S Sampathkumar

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