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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YOU KNOW ONE DAY CRICKET BUT............இந்த புள்ளி விவரங்கள் தெரியுமா ??

Not many of you would be following the Kiwi Pak ODI series at a neutral venue at Abu Dhabi – a classic one dayer was on the cards yesterday 091109.

Mc Cullum’s brilliance was good enough only for a total of 211 – Pakis raced to 50 in 9.5 runs but what followed was very high drama representing the two faces that Pak often displays. From a dominating position, Kiwis collapsed though they faced only 2 overs of seam between 18th and 45th. The pitch was placid and the batting had combusted in typical fashion. After the great start, Pak lost wickets at regular intervals and were struggling at 101 – 9. When the new find Mohammad Aamer came to bat at 10, 126 were needed from 26.5 and people leaving the stadium was obvious.

When it comes huffing and puffing, Kiwis more than match India and what should have been over in an over or two went on till the very end. Aamer and Ajmal were not hanging but were playing conventional and unorthodox shots and added 103 for the last wicket and took the match to the last over bowled by veteran Jacob Oram. Pak needed 8 and all three results were possible especially with Ajmal having hit Vettori for 3 sixes in an over - but Ajmal top edged relieving the pressure of the Kiwis. Aamer’s 73 is the highest score by a no. 10.

This reminds one of India’s dismal performance at Faridabad way back on 7th March 2002, when another no. 10 Douglas Marillier scored 56 of 24 balls. Playing first India had made a good 274 for six. Dinesh Mongia (remember who ?) and Sourav gave a brisk start, Laxman made 75 and Agarkar made a quick 40 off 19. Zimbabwe got off to a bad start and were 21/2 – then Campbell and Flower added 111 for the third. The visitors were in a hopeless 210/8 in the 45th when Marillier joined the party and took 20 off Zaheer, improvising in a stunning manner and using the scoop to great effect. Many rabbits would not even dream of pulling off a shock win, but Dougie revealed his steely nerve. Because of the brazen knock, Zimbabweans stole the thunder with 2 balls to spare and winning by just one wicket. Incidentally, Kumble conceded 7o in his ten.

This score was the highest by any number 10 for a long till time, till Aamer chose to rub it off.

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S Sampathkumar



  1. யப்பா ஒரு மாட்சின் பின்னால் இவ்வளவு புள்ளி விவரங்களா ? - குரு

  2. அன்புள்ள சம்பத் - நீ செய்ய வேண்டிய விஷயங்கள் பல உள்ளன ; இவற்றை தாண்டி வா - ரமேஷ்

  3. அன்புள்ள சம்பத் - பீச் கிரிக்கெட் என்ன ஆனது ? பேப்பரில் மெரினாவில் தடை என படித்தேன். எதாவது செய்ய முடியுமா ? - சாமி

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