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Friday, November 27, 2009


Dear (s)

I have been sharing my articles on Current Affairs, Sports and Insurance with a fairly large group of friends and have been receiving your responses on e mail.

I could not upload some of my articles on this blog as they were in pdf format.  Now I have uploaded them in Scribd and they can be accessed by simply clicking on the links.

As usual look forward to your feedback

with regards - S Sampathkumar

1)  Pirates were earlier thought of to be one eyed jacks, colourful vagabonds who would strike at will and seize cargo.  Now they are very very sophisticated.   Read on :  Somalian Pirates

2)  When two elephants collide, it is the grass underneath that gets crushed.  Here is something on collision at sea : collision at sea - the navigational hazard

3)  Trains interest young and old alike.  Here is one on Pak buying locomotive from china.  the china bazaar

4)  the hazards in transporting cash as elucidated by an incident : cash loss

5)  containerisation has come of age.  Some on a new type of container :the open top

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