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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Focal length ! - Zoom lens !! - தொலை நோக்கு பார்வை !!

தொலை நோக்கு பார்வை  !!   Photographers strain themselves great length to provide quality clear pictures. 

Focal length is often a photographer’s first consideration when deciding what lens to use to capture a given scene or subject. It  is the distance measured in millimeters, between the optical center of the lens and the camera sensor, where the light information is recorded. 

Some lenses have a variable focal length (like 18-55mm or 70-200mm) and are called zoom lenses, while others have a fixed focal length  and are referred to as prime lenses.   

A web search indicated that Nikkor AF-S 400mm F/2.8# FL ED VR lens costs approx Rs.8.60 lakhs !!


Here is our friend Mr Muthukumar (wildlife photo expert) wielding Nikon mounted on 400mm lens  (not sure of its price !!) 

A search on how good is 400mm yielded this hilarious response on web :   The 400mm focal length of this lens is ideal for many field based sports such as soccer (football) and rugby as it's not too long, such as a 500mm for example, but at the same time it's gives more pull than a 300mm.  (400 > 300 but < 500)

With regards – S Sampathkumar

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