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Friday, January 1, 2021

Innocence of Man ~ "ஆண் பாவம் !"

"ஆண்  பாவம் !" (அய்யோ பாவம் ஆண் அல்ல !) -  ஆண் வர்க்கத்தின் அப்பாவித்தனம் 

The quintessential feature of classical music is the underlying “ bhakthi” bhava that propells the raga bhava and intertwines with the sahitya. When a raga magically evokes the bhakthi rasa, some feel elation, some cry, some feel their hair standing on end, while other less-fortunate ones feel nothing.   The raga that has that special power to evoke divinity is Shanmukhapriya

May not exactly be a doppleganger .. .. this piece on Cricket is to related to the other person in Tamil tinseldom !   Subash Gupte, VV Kumar, BS Chandrasekhar, MV Narasimha Rao, Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, Narendra Hirwani, Anil Kumble, Amit Mishra, Piyush Chawla………. leg spinners – who played for India.  Among them is the bespectacled man who took a record 16 wickets on his debut at Chepauk in 1988 – on that Pongal Test.    In the twilight of Viv Richards – India led by Ravi Shastri (his only Test as Captain) had 3 debutants : WV Raman, Ajay Sharma and Hiru.  Phil Simmons debuted for Windies.  At Chepauk in Jan 1988 -  India won an important toss, made 382. Hirwani took three of the five West Indian wickets to fall on the second day. On the third morning, Hirwani clean-bowled Vivian Richards with a googly  went on to  finish at  8 for 61; in the Second against a huge target of 416, Vivian Richard’s WI were dismissed in 40 overs.  Hirwani was the wrecker-in-chief again with 8 for 75 and overall match figures of 16 for 136.  Sadly, Chepuak was to become a batsmen’s paradise with hundreds and doubles flowing later…….. that his career never matched the great expectations is a sad story ! which is not the subject matter of this post.  You may tend to disagree, but everytime I saw him, I was more reminded of this man and the movie !

~ the village youth would be sitting on a culvert, a car passes-by, the driver not giving any respect to the man, asks for the route – then tells the youth, to look out whether the vehicle hits the culvert as he reverses – he keeps asking and youth would say ‘no, muttalai’ .. .. then when the car hits with a thud – he would say – yes, it has now !   

Pandian and Pandiarajan are two notorious sons of the village cinema theatre owner V. K. Ramasamy. Pandian goes to a neighbouring village to see a girl as arranged by his father towards his marriage and ends up in the wrong house.  The movie ‘Aan Paavam’ released in 1985 directed by Pandiarajan was a great hit.  Illayaraja’s BGM and songs were great hits ..   The film was remade into Telugu as Naku Pellam Kavali (1987) starring Chandra Mohan and Rajendra Prasad. The film was remade in Kannada as Rama Krishna with V. Ravichandran and Jaggesh. It was also remade in Marathi as Chal Lavkar.  

I really liked the song  “Kadhal kasakkudayya” from “Aan Paavam” and much later learnt that this song as also other great hit -  “Ooru vittu ooru vandu” from “Karagattakaran” in this raga were put to Shanmughapriya raag by maestro Illayaraja.  The film (Aan Pavam) was not translated as ‘poor Gent’ but as ‘Innocence of Man’ !!

The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town is a 2006 true crime book by John Grisham, his only nonfiction title as of 2020. The book tells the story of Ronald 'Ron' Keith Williamson of Ada, Oklahoma, a former minor league baseball player who was wrongly convicted in 1988 of the rape and murder of Debra Sue Carter in Ada and was sentenced to death. After serving 11 years on death row, he was exonerated by DNA evidence and other material introduced by the Innocence Project and was released in 1999. Netflix’s latest addition to its arsenal of true crime stories visits a small town in Oklahoma rocked by two brutal murders in the 1980s.  this serial is based on John Grisham’s bestselling   book The Innocent Man. The six-part series, takes on the separate investigations of the murders of two women in the usually quiet locale of Ada, Okla.  

Wonder why so much on “Aan Paavam”  .. .. there have been some posts today being – “International Men's Day”  !  (never heard of this earlier!) -  an annual international event celebrated on the 19th of November. The objectives of celebrating an International Men's Day are set out in 'The Six Pillars of International Men's Day'. It is an occasion to celebrate boys' and men's achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to nation, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. The broader and ultimate aim of the event is to promote basic humanitarian values  

Interesting !

With regards – S. Sampathkumar


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