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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Covid 19 - what to believe ! - would the Nations lie !! ~ how credible Stats are !!!

The World is waiting for a  Covid 19 vaccine ! .. .. .. who is going to win the race ? when will it be ready ? will it be available in large numbers ? How much would it be priced ? Would it just allow Pharma companies to become crorepathies ?? 

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins. The agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize the agent as a threat, destroy it, and to further recognize and destroy any of the microorganisms associated with that agent that it may encounter in the future.  The administration of vaccines is called vaccination. Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases.. ..  here is how the World’s Corona numbers have stacked up

The World Health Organisation  warned on Monday that there might never be a “silver bullet” for Covid-19  in the form of a perfect vaccine, and that the road to normality will be long, with some countries requiring a reset of strategy.  Coming as it does from a global organsiation that vouch-safed China’s containment of the same virus – statements are looked with suspicion.  More than 18 million people around the world are reported to have been infected with the disease and 689,000 have died, with some nations that thought they were over the worst experiencing a resurgence.

India recorded 52,050 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, taking the total number of infections to 18,55,745. The toll rose by 803 to 38,938. United States President Donald Trump, meanwhile, said that his country was doing “very well” in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic while India was having a “tremendous problem” battling the health crisis.  That is Trump for you, a man who has become unpopular in his own country but tries to decides on everybody else’s behalf !

China’s so-called Wolf Warrior diplomats  have been in the spotlight this year as Beijing barked back at critics who blamed it for the Covid-19  outbreak. But that narrative may be about to shift as China positions itself as a global leader to fight the disease, saying it will offer loans and priority access for vaccines it is developing. Vaccines being developed in China are among front-runners in the hunt for safe and effective immunisations to counter the pandemic. China's diplomats are saying, if successful, the vaccines will be a “global public good ”, a pledge made by President  Xi Jinping  at a meeting of the World Health Organisation’s  governing body in May. How can this be seen as a gift from China – China must be condemned and fined for letting out dreaded virus from its land and then stating that it is well under control in China, True !! how credible !!!  Xin Ping stated - ‘Robust immune responses’ found in Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials point to 2021 release that has seen richer countries, including the United States, Britain, and Japan, cut deals with pharmaceutical developers  for early doses for their own citizens. “China will not act like some countries and seek a monopoly or buy out vaccines,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said last month. However, Beijing has not made clear how it would work with local companies – both state and publicly owned – to meet its vision for a “global public good” while providing doses for its own population of 1.4 billion.

Reading Covid 19 statistics will make you tremble, if not becoming mad.  The results of nationwide antibody tests conducted on nearly 65,000 Italians indicate that some 1.5 million individuals or 2.5% of the population have had the coronavirus, health officials said on Monday. That figure is six times the number of confirmed cases in Italy’s official virus tally. The results - viewed with the country’s overall death toll of close to 35,000 -align with the 2.3% estimated mortality rate of the virus. The huge geographic variability in the results - some 7% of residents in hard-hit Lombardy had the virus versus 0.3% in Sicily - showed that Italy’s three-month nationwide lockdown was critical to sparing parts of the country the devastation experienced in the north, he said.

The credibility has further been shaken – the Q is has Iran lied about its Covid 19 death toll  ~ MailOnline reports that the figures are more than triple of the officially recorded figures.   The stark numbers were leaked to the BBC from an anonymous source. They come after ongoing speculation that the numbers have been fiddled.   

Iran may have lied about its coronavirus death toll, with almost triple the number of people dying during the pandemic than reported. The Government's own records show almost 42,000 people had died of Covid-19 by July 20, compared to the 14,405 reported by the health ministry. And cases had reached 451,024 — not the 278,827 officially reported by July 20. The stark numbers come from an anonymous source who leaked official documents to the BBC to 'shed light' on the truth. It shows that the first Covid-19 death was on January 22, almost a month before the first case was officially reported on February 19. Alongside China, Iran has previously been accused of fiddling its numbers to cover up the true scale of its coronavirus crisis.

Although the number of cases had reportedly dipped since March, Iran has seen a surge in cases over the last few weeks. Yesterday health chiefs in the nation in the Middle East recorded 2,600 cases — the highest daily toll for almost a month.  Iran has still been the worst-hit country in the Middle East during the coronavirus pandemic, based on its health ministry's data. It suggests Iran has the 10th highest death toll, and the 26th highest death toll per million people. But Iran would shoot up to one of the worst five countries hit by the coronavirus, if the leaked data is proven to be true.  

President Hassan Rouhani urged Iranians last month to observe health protocols and practise social distancing during Muslim festivities which occurred last weekend.  Tehran, the capital, has the highest number of deaths. Some 8,120 people have died after testing positive for the disease or having similar symptoms. The huge gap in the figures suggests the Iranian government attempted to deliberately cover up the true size of the crisis, as opposed to there being a slight level of inaccurate counting seen in many countries.

Since the outbreak of the virus in Iran, many observers have expressed concern about the official numbers including political groups and doctors working on the front line.  Dr Nouroldin Pirmoazzen, a former member of Iran's parliament who also was an official at the health ministry, said the Iranian government was 'anxious and fearful of the truth' when coronavirus hit Iran. He said: 'The government was afraid that the poor and the unemployed would take to the streets.'  The country had already been battling difficult times before Covid-19 arrived, including that Iranian armed forces mistakenly fired missiles at a Ukrainian airliner only minutes after it had taken off from Tehran's international airport. All 176 people on board were killed, which didn't come to light for three days because authorities tried to cover it up.   

Another study claimed China's real coronavirus death toll could be 14 times higher than official statistics show.  US researchers suggested China covered up the true size of its epidemic and used the activity of crematoriums in Wuhan to try and calculate accurate numbers. They found the city — which is where the pandemic began in December — may have been burning between 800 and 2,000 bodies every day by the second week of February, when the official death toll for the whole of China was only around 700. Reports of 86 Wuhan crematoriums operating 24 hours a day at full capacity raises suspicion that the number of people dying was more than just hundreds, they said. China has reported relatively low numbers of cases and deaths — 84,428 and 4,634 — despite the virus emerging there weeks before it did in any other country and months before the crisis really hit Europe and America.

The Chinese city of Wuhan was where the virus first took hold back in December, but since then various aspects of Beijing's information has been questioned and even discredited. One study suggested the true death toll was 14 times higher based on activity at crematoriums.

Now you may like to re-read the statistics appearing at the start of this article.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar



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