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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

don't fight with Parking Assistant - rude taxi lifted !!!

Those who drive cars, knowby experience that parking a car, reversing a car, taking the car out from a parked position – requires special skills and a small error of judgment can cause some damage to one’s prized possession.  There are special aides like parking sensors – even after years of experience some still find it difficult…more difficult is to find a parking slot !

In the metropolitan Chennai, driving the car could be a pain, felt more when you search for a place to park your car.  There are few designated places like T Nagar Panagal park … many a times, the assistant over there may not be of much help – and when back you would get overawed by the rows of cars in front and start wondering how you would ever take your car out….. It is a thankless job – the parking attendants work long hours, their life revolve around vehicles; in the hot sweltering sun [for most part of year in Chennai] and in rain on polluted streets – some drivers might drive away without paying even the prescribed fee; many others would argue, fight, scold and foul-mouth, if they have to wait a few minutes extra..  some are harsh and rude on these poor waiting people.

I had earlier posted about Ms M Rani, the woman who used to take care of vehicle parking at Mount Road  just opposite the Super Speciality hospital - nearer P.Orr Sons, from where road branches to Ritchie Street, the headquarters to electronic market. The  parking lot is just before the India Silk House, Khadi Kraft shops.   The woman with a smile, was displaying her exceptional skills in parking the vehicles in row and taking them out without much ado !Miles away, here is something on a parking assistant lifting a rude New York City cab driver's vehicle up in the air - shocking passersby !!

Parking restrictions in New York City are among some of the toughest in the country and are rigidly enforced, so imagine the surprise New Yorkers had when they saw a meter maid taking matters into her own hands.A beliigerant taxi driver called Bobbi Costas, was slapped with a parking ticket after refusing to move his vehicle.'You gotta move the car,' said parking attendant JenniRuiza, 28. 'You can't be here. There's a sign that says no standing!' she told the driver.

The driver, however, decided to ignore her requests - and that's when things became interesting...  the maid, simply lifted the car much to the amusement of all onlookers…. Only that happens to be a hilarious prank …… Don't mess with the meter maid! – the  prank video uploaded by the YouTube channel 'DidThatJustHappen' shows an actress dressed like a meter maid lifting a rigged, illegally-parked SUV.  Jenni' plays a meter maid in the Big Apple being put upon by a rude cab driver. The cab, meanwhile, has been rigged to make it look like Jenni's able to lift its front end up with her bare hands.

'Why should I move now? You just gave me a ticket!' replied the driver. 'Take that ticket and shove it up your ass!' he yelled.'I'm just doing my job!' replied Jenni calmly. As the driver then told her to get lost, nosy New Yorkers sensed a fight brewing and start paying attention. The parking attendant, wasted no time in issuing a summons before taking matters into her own hands - literally!

As cameras recorded surreptitiously, Jenni would walk up to the specially-adapted cab and tell the driver, played by stuntman Bob Cotter, that he had to move – and as the cab driver yelled and as  New Yorkers stopped and openly gawped, the officious official bent down and lifted the yellow cab by its fender, lifting it to a 45 degree angle.In a move that the Incredible Hulk would be proud of, grunting and groaning, the meter maid appeared to summon Herculean-like strength, managing to grab the front of the cab with her hands and tit the vehicle onto its rear wheels.The driver, still in the car, appeared to be completely helpless as the meter maid appeared to display superhuman skills.The whole show of strength is over within a matter of moments, but the message to drivers in the Big Apple is clear - you don't mess with the parking attendant!

Actress JenniRuiza played the 5-foot-3-inch meter maid in the jaw-dropping online video shot in multiple locations in New York City.  The 'taxi' was actually a 2005 Ford Escape painted yellow with fake taxi emblems. The engine was removed from the front and steel plates were placed in the trunk as a counter-weight.  The entire scene was an elaborate stunt which was repeated again in a different parts of the city as once again the parking official told the cab driver to move on - this time for parking at a bus stop. 

Of course, to the untrained eye, the stunt appeared to be very realistic and the stunned reactions of passesby were clearly genuine. The clip has picked up almost one million views on YouTube since it was posted last week

Meter maid (n) :A woman member of a police traffic control department who issues tickets for parking violations.
With regards – S. Sampathkumar
23rd June 2015.

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