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Saturday, December 16, 2017

the intelligent Brydon Coverdale ! - Cricket writer and Quizzer ..

Often tourists would be confronted and bowled over in a pacy wicket at Perth – in Nov 1981, the Aussies batting first were bowled out for 180 but struck back strongly dismissing Pakis for 62 – Dennis Lillee, the menace had figures of 9-3-18-5 while Terry Alderman took 4/36.  Australia went on to win that match by 286 runs. 
Every heard of - Ichthyology – do you know what is that associated with it ? ;  There is a blog ‘DadREads’ on what the person reads to tell his children – and one post goes  : other day I was flicking through Richard Scarry's Busiest Fire Fighters Ever, a Little Golden Book from the early 90s. And I noticed that these frightened looking pigs seem to be under attack from giant pieces of bacon. And one of the pigs is named Smokey. .. .. .. ..

‘Naan ready – Neenga Readiya ?” – was the poser to audience by Sarathkumar…. many years ago !  Do you remember the show “Koteeswaran” featuring the actor in Sun TV on the lines of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepathi’ ?  Koteeswaran is common name – a Hindu name after Lord Easwar; one denoting unlimited riches.  ‘koti’ is crore and the one named so is blessed to possess crores of values… way back in 1955 there was a Sivaji Ganesan / Padmini starrer produced by Sri Ganesh Movietone with background score by G Ramanathan.  KBC itself was made after – who wants to be a Millionaire

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  Was aired in Australia too – the  game show offered a maximum cash prize of $1,000,000 for answering 15 successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty as a team. The show was based on and followed the same general format of the original version of the show from the United Kingdom, and is part of the international Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Today at WACA, Australia ended the day at 549/4 with Steve Smith 229*, M Marsh 181* going great guns giving a lead of 146 runs.  Brydon Coverdale covering the match for ESPN writes :   It would be hard to imagine a day of greater Australian dominance than this one. It was a day on which Steven Smith made his second Test double-century, Mitchell Marsh scored his maiden Test hundred, England claimed just a single wicket and Australia piled on 346 runs. A day that began with Australia trailing by 200 finished with them 146 runs in front, and with a realistic chance of pushing for victory - and the urn - over the next two days. Remind us why Australia would want to move Ashes Tests away from the WACA?
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But a caveat is necessary, for it was not a day that necessarily ended England's campaign. The pitch remains good for batting - that is stating the obvious - and there is rain forecast over the next two days in Perth. It remains very possible that England will escape from this match with a draw, and as the holders of the Ashes, that would keep them alive in the series. Alive, but demoralised. They might have known that Smith could score a mountain of runs, but Mitchell Marsh eyeing off a Test double-century by stumps? They'd have been more likely to expect the Spanish Inquisition. This was a day that can best be illustrated by the numbers, and at the close of play, the numbers were these: Smith was on 229, Marsh was on 181, and Australia had 4 for 549. Hundreds were also piling up in England's bowling analysis: Craig Overton, Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad and Moeen Ali had all conceded centuries by the close of play, and if James Anderson - currently at 0 for 85 - joins them on the fourth day, it will be just the eighth time in Test history that a team has had five or more bowlers concede 100 in the same innings.

The man at the start,  writer - Brydon Coverdale is an Australian quiz personality best known for being one of the "Chasers" on The Chase Australia, where he is nicknamed "The Shark".   Prior to The Chase Australia, Coverdale appeared on several other Australian quiz programs, including, Million Dollar Minute, where he won $307,000 in 2014. He became the first grand champion of Pass the Buck where he won $38,788 in 2002. He also won a total of $32,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,  and appeared in many other Quiz shows.  Coverdale is a reporter and assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo, a news website exclusively for cricket.  Coverdale is married to  Zoe in Eltham, and they have a daughter named Heidi. Coverdale also runs a blog named DadReads, discussing children's books he has read to his daughter.

The Cricket writer Brydon Coverdale  scored himself $307,000 on the Channel 7 quiz show Million Dollar Minute. In 2014, on that day, with  just two seconds left on the clock the Victorian local fluked the last question to take home the biggest cash payday in the history of afternoon game shows on Australian TV. “I really did not know the answer so I went with my gut feeling,” he said. “My wife Zoe is going to be speechless…I think I owe it to her to take her on a second honeymoon - a luxury tropical holiday.”

Inquisitive to know what the 5 Questions were ?  : Final 5 questions:
1.         Ichthyology is the study of what?
Ichthyology also known as fish science, is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish. This includes bony fish (Osteichthyes), cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes), and jawless fish (Agnatha).
2. In what year was the GST introduced?  (in Australia in 2000)
3. Which Olympic sport has provided Australia with the most gold medals? (Swimming)
4. Mickey Rourke was critically acclaimed for which 2008 movie? (The Wrestler)
5. On what part of the body do you wear espadrilles? (Feet)

Interesting !!

With regards – S. Sampathkumar

16th Dec 2017.

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