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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the costly Korean Mastiff comes to India @ 1 crore

Summer – dog days are already on.   It is a dog’s life… and there are dogs like the subject matter of this post valued so high.   Dogs  -  one of the most adored pets – the domestic dog in all likelihood is  the first of the animals to be domesticated and used as companion in hunting in earlier days.   Dogs are touted to be very loyal to its masters and are stated to be man’s best friend.  Dogs can be scary especially when they chase you (in the late hours of the day)…  there are many dogs loitering on roads – free ranging dogs that are not contained.  You see a great dane here

a great dane

Heard of Mastiff ? – a large dog known for its size and strength.   Any  molosser, including bulldogs, Great Danes, mountain dogs, pit bulls, and even small dogs such as the Boston terriers  are  considered "Mastiff" in this broad sense.  This post is all about the red carpet being rolled out to the two pups – one to be picked up in a  Rolls Royce and another will travel in a Range Rover from Bangalore  airport !!   

A few months back I had posted on a Chinese millionaire. China’s boom-to-bust luxury landscape is strewn with devalued commodities like black Audis, Omega watches, top-shelf sorghum liquor and high-rise apartments in third-tier cities. Some are the victims of a slowing economy, while others are casualties of an official austerity campaign that has made ostentatious consumption a red flag for anticorruption investigators.  There were
however to be exceptions as the 18th  month old rare Tibetan Mastiff dog named Yangtze enjoyed !   A Chinese millionaire by name Wang visited the remote border region between Tibet and western Qinghai province;  she reportedly owned a Tibetan Mastiff bitch and was in search of a mate, which reportedly was bought for £350,000 – a whooping Rs. 3.28 crores.  In many ways high breed dogs are considered ‘status symbols’ too.   Of course, experts were to  point out the price was overbearing and not the market value !!

If a Chinese do, can Indian be far behind. This man Satish in Bangalore had by far expensive Tibetan Mastiff worth 65 lakhs ~ decided to go overboard with more expensive Korean Mastiff.

Not one, but two Korean Dosa Mastiff pups,  bought by the president of the Indian Dog Breeders' Association, joining the list of the most expensive ones. Dog lover and breeder Satish S, who lives in Bangalore in Karnataka, is importing the pups from China for Rs 10m (£104,472, $149,800) each and is according them a royal welcome to the country.

The Korean Dosa Mastiffs, also called Mee Kyun Dosa, have their origin in South Korea. The heavy-built, wrinkled dog looks fearsome, but it is a gentle breed that gets attached to its master fairly easily. The dog gets along well with children and also with fellow pets; though they do not  mingle easily with strangers.

 “This is a dream come true, I wanted this dog for over 20 years,“ said Satish, who has over 150 dogs, a combination of rare and big breeds, at his farmhouse in Kumbalgodu, and has been in the business for over 25 years. “After a long and exhausting search, I finally got good news. I was in touch with a breeder in China whose Korean mastiff littered recently. I'm importing one female and one male pup,“ he said.
Korean Mastif – photo

“It is one of the rarest breeds, known for its heavily wrinkled body. The body is so wrinkly that even its eyes are barely visible,“ he said. The pups are on their way to Bengaluru, with a day's rest to break their long and strenuous journey. They were put on a plane from Beijing to Bangkok, where they rested on Monday, and will arrive on Wednesday morning.

It is March – most salary earners are remorsing that they could not save what they had earlier declared and hence would end up having a higher tax cut, meaning a lesser salary – and you get to read news like these.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
22nd Mar 2016

News source : Times of India.

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