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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Corporation arranges for Cattle shed in Triplicane - a good initiative !

Much has been written about the bovine menace in the streets of Triplicane.  Stray cattle, sometimes aggressive have threatened and harmed people, especially old aged.  Children are afraid of walking alone, hurriedly cross the roads in the fear of these animals.  Representations in various forums have so far not fructified. 

Recently, when the US President Barack Obama visited the Capital to attend the Republic Parade, South Delhi’s streets were cleared off stray cattle.  The civic body sent many stray cattle to gaushalas paying the NGOs that run the shelters.  Now there is hope and happiness for the residents of Triplicane.

Nearer Marina ground, Chennai Corporation has razed the ground and have provided an enclosure for cattle, where the owners can tie and rest their animals, instead of letting them out on the roads.   The enclosure put up beneath the MRTS track has soil floors and fixed iron rings for tethering the cows and buffaloes.  Corporation is making arrangement for borewells ensuring water supply for the animals and for keeping the enclosure clean.  Some arrangements are being made for bringing the vegetable waste from the market and given to cattle. 

Some owners have already started using the facility and there appears to be good response from them.  Some of them say that the new facility is good for them as they did not have proper sheds for housing the cattle.  The move certainly benefits the residents who have felt the free roaming cattle to cause disturbance and sometimes physical injuries. 

SYMA has been taking up this cause through media and dialogue.  Various representations had been made to Civic authorities including Corporation.  WE appreciate this initiative and thank our Mayor Mr Saidai Duraisamy for his personal involvement in bringing this about.  Special thanks are due to Mr B Srinivasan @ MGR Vasan,  Municipal Councillor, Ward no. 116 for his untiring efforts in bringing a peaceful resolution beneficial to all.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
12th Feb 2015.

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