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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Presenting our July 2010 issue of BLISS (Newsletter of SYMA)

Dear (s)

Thanks for all the support that you have been providing to SYMA and its activities. The encouragement and the financial assistance helps us to extend our reach and serve more.

We have been very active with conduct of Kidney detection camp, Blood donation camp, Educational Aid programme, launch of our tuition centre – SYMA Growth for the current academic year and would have Eye camp on the Indian Independence Day. We are also very happy that we have two distinguished Donors to our Corpus Fund Scheme who have donated Rs. 1 lakh.

This issue JULY 10 BLISS contains :

** Detailed report on our Educational Aid programme held on 4th July 2010 wherein Mr TT Srinivasa Raghavan, MD, Sundaram Finance and Mr M Saravanan, MD, AVM Productions were our Chief Guests.
** Conferring SYMA Sewa Award on Mrs Pankajam Sridhar, the person behind the running of Kanchi Sankara Medical Trust and who initiated and guided SYMA in to running a medical centre
** a detailed report on our tuition Centre – SYMA Growth for the ensuing academic year
** Invitation to Flag hoisting at our Medical Centre and Eye Camp (Free detection and operation for cataract) on our Independence day
** details of the Blood Camp organized by us
** something on Wikileaks, FIFA WC, Commonwealth games
** Conservancy operations in the city – a retrograde step – from Corporation to 2 private agencies – and about to be taken back again !!
** Conserving energy – the blackle way – do blackle instead of google

Murali ascended the throne with 800 wickets ; do you know the batting record of this bowler ? Also can you tell what keeps Arthur Conningham, Maurice Tate, Tyrell Johnson, Dick Howarth, Intikhab Alam, Richard Illingworth, Lakshita in the same league with Nilesh Kuklarni, the lanky left arm spinner who announced retirement recently.

All this and more in our issue. Please read and do respond with your feedback

Regards - Sampathkumar.

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