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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The noble act of Tamil teacher Mrs. PONMANI DEVI OF ERODE

Chithode is a small village nar Erode in Tamilnadu and would not be in news generally. A noble soul living here has hit the headlines of some newspaper (reported in The Hindu and Kumudam)

Smt. Ponmani Devi, is a tamil teacher who retired from service. She states that her husband (late) Kumara Nadesa Varadappan was also a tamil teacher. Teaching is a noble profession lighting up the minds of hundreds of students thereby making them better citizens. The conditions of schools in remote villages and of those involved in teaching is somewhat pitiable as there are no basic amenities even. Yet there are teachers who have been rendering yeoman service mainly because of their nature and not being greedy.

This woman retired after serving in Nadupalayam village in Chithode retired as HM of Gobi Municipal Higher secondary school in 1996. The school Govt. Boys school at Chithode was devoid of compound making it a place for other activities impeding the concentration of students. She donated Rs.4 lakhs for construction of compound. For constructing a library, she donated 5 cents of land on the Gobi main road. Now she has donated close to 10000 sq.ft of her land worth over Rs.40 lakhs to the State backward class welfare department for the construction of a hostel for girl students.

She humbly stated that this to her was not an act of donation but an act done to help poor girls access quality education. It is quite unfortunate that her son who was studying MBBS died of electrocution. Anybody else would have cursed fate and would have resorted to a life of solitude but not this woman who has steely nerves and resolve to serve the society.

Madam PONMANI DEVI deserves to be known through the World for her noble mind and action

Regards – Sampathkumar S

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