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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcoming the new Office Bearers of Srinivas Youngmens Association (SYMA)

Dear (s)

Those of you with whom I have been in constant touch would not require any introduction of Srinivas Young Mens Association (SYMA) committed to the cause of social service and functioning from Triplicane for more than 33 years now. I have been circulating to you all, our monthly newsletter BLISS of which I have been the editor for more than 7 years now.

To those of you new, the origin of SYMA established in 1977 can be traced to a few spirited youngsters of Triplicane, who dared to dream towards the betterment of the Society. Their zeal, wisdom, awareness of the fact that evil would triumph only when good men remain still without doing anything made them realise the imperative need for organized efforts to advance human welfare. All these lead to the formation of SYMA. Legend has it that these young men with vision, undertook a trip to the holy Seven Hills vowing to serve the society and very aptly the guiding spirit “Srinivas” was chosen as the prefix for this Young Men's Association. Thus the name is HE and nothing human. SYMA is founded on the basic tenets of love for mankind, promotion of peace & human brotherhood and does not discriminate anybody on caste, creed or religion. Little wonder, that these strong and lofty fundamentals have enabled it to withstand the test of time for nearly three decades.

Over the years our Association has been in the forefront of service in Education, Health, Civic Amenities, Environment Protection, Rainwater Harvesting and more importantly Nation building. The association believes in coordinating with the various Government departments and other agencies in developing proper infrastructure and civic amenities besides creating civic awareness. Our volunteers have been in the forefront in times of crisis by natural calamities like flood / Tsunami and whenever the society at large needs help. Also, inculcating good qualities in youth is very much a part of our agenda.

We at SYMA believe that Duty is not for reward and we serve the society as the rain cloud does to the world without thinking of any recompense. SYMA has been immensely benefited by the strong and service minded office bearers who have worked tirelessly in catapulting it to where it is today. We are also extremely fortunate to have the patronage of a lot of philanthropists who have provided the financial assistance for our operations.

Being an Organisation wedded to democratic principles, we have our General Body convened every year wherein the office bearers for running the association for the ensuing year are elected. This year our AGM was conducted on Sunday, 25th of April 2010 and new team of Office bearers assumed charge. The change in mantle is to ensure service in tune with the times and the organisational principles will never be diluted. Here is the new team: -

This year I have taken charge as Secretary and commit to discharge the responsibility with vigour and commitment. Look forward to the blessing of Almighty, support of you all in steering the activities in right direction. This year we would concentrate on our newly planted sapling tuition centre – SYMA GROWTH and the medical centre, which we are running independently for a year now. Soon we will have our Education Aid programme through which we provide uniform to school children and monetary aid for some college students.

I request you all to join SYMA and help ourselves in improving not only the locality but this Great Nation into a strong self sustained Bharat

Devotedly yours
Srinivasan Sampathkumar.


  1. Congrats sampathji on your election as the Secretary. am 100% sure that the new team would take SYMA to still greight heights.

    Special wishes to the two youngsters in the team, Prasad & Revathy. May your energy & enthusiasm be infectious. CP Rajesh is a wonderful choice; sure SYMA will benefit with his fresh ideas.

    would love to see a dynamic SYMA website. all the best.


  2. SYMA board is no longer a male only group. i am happy to see 3 female as EB members. - rKannan