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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ranji's bat (as also property) is safe...

Dear (s) - Subsequent to my previous posting on Ranji and the burglary that took place in his palace, here is today's Times of India Report :

Ranjitsinh’s cricket bats safe, say cops..  Jamnagar/Ahmedabad:

Cricket legend Ranjitsinh’s famous bats are safe. Senior police officials, including DIG (Rajkot range) Manoj Shashidhar rushed to Jamnagar on Tuesday after it was reported that Ranjitsinh’s ancestral home Jam Bungalow had been burgled.

There were fears that numerous antiques, including the bats, may have been stolen from the palace which was unused and locked for the past 15 months. Police officials confirmed the burglary but said the bats and the heirlooms were safe. “In fact, nothing belonging to Ranjitsinh was stolen,” said sources close to the royal family. Shockingly, the palace has only one chowkidaar and with no water or power connection it is pitch dark inside the building.

Shashidhar told TOI the burglars did not enter the section where the bats or gemstones were kept. According to him, the burglary happened at least 15 days back. “The burglars removed a huge glass pane and just walked into the palace,” he said. “The burglary was discovered by a man who was tending to the pet birds on the palace grounds. He raised an alarm when he saw someone duck,” Shashidhar added.

“We found footprints and fingerprints that point at a group of three or four people entering the palace. They were probably unaware about the value of the antiques because the only things missing so far are a pair of goggles and handles of swords. The cupboards have been rummaged through.”

Shashidhar said that the damage was not assessed because the scion of the royal family, Shetrushailyasinh Jadeja, was away in Mumbai, “but it won’t be a huge amount.”

Police have also found chilly powder, bottles of soft drinks and knives which indicates that burglars may have been living on the terrace of the palace for some time.


With regards – S. Sampathkumar

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